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Golden Age Defined

How is the practice of Shreem Brzee going to be different in the Golden Age? The Golden Age is predominantly non-materialistic. Up until now the world has been materialistic. Only geared to material wealth. I’ve been saying frequently that wealth will be redefined in the Golden Age.

Wealth is not just material wealth. It’s spiritual wealth, wealth of consciousness or understanding of knowing beyond matter.

That is how wealth is going to be defined in the Golden Age. What’s going to happen is people will understand merit or wealth not simply in terms of your bank balance or the number of houses you have or the number of cars you have but in terms of permanent merit or wealth.


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And what is that going to be? That’s going to be understanding knowledge and the understanding of beauty and that’s going to be the nature of wealth in the Golden Age.

Redefining Shreem Brzee

Shreem will be redefined not only in terms of money and gold but in terms of inner beauty and inner wealth. If you look at the Mantra itself, Shreem Brzee, all the Mantras are permanent in nature. It has compassion behind it. Mercy, compassion, they are all created in nature.

So, Shreem Brzee will adapt itself to the Golden Age just by moving from its materialistic connotations to a larger definition to include compassion, mercy, and beauty. All these things will be the nature of Shreem Brzee itself.

Wealth of Consciousness

So, when you practice Shreem Brzee It’s not only going to give you material wealth but the primary goal of Shreem Brzee is bring you a greater wealth of consciousness. Understanding of knowledge. Seeing beyond matter. Material wealth will only be a byproduct of Shreem Brzee.

As you practice Shreem Brzee you will get what I call 200% life. One hundred percent material and 100% spiritual. It will be a balance of two, wealth and life as it is.

So, Shreem is going to give you a permanent merit. What is permanent merit? Health is Permanent Merit. Not just physical health but also spiritual health. It will also give you psychological health. Because Shreem itself is a Mantra that is completely full, completely without any flaw so there will be flawless life and that is what the Golden Age promises us, a flawless life.

God Bless.

Dr Pillai


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