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Dr. Pillai Talks about His Birthday Trip 2019

“I have been in India for about six weeks now visiting powerspots and temples. There are many that I have never seen before. Powerspots for Guru Dattatreya are of great importance to me. I have also been drawn to the temple for Goddess Sri Vasavi Devi and the temple for Goddess Sri Mookambika.

Dattatreya Represents the Most Powerful Energy

It was revealed to me many years ago that I was Dattatreya in a former life. During my 2019 Birthday Trip, we will visit not only the birthplace of Sri Datta, but the actual place where he transformed into light. These powerspots are highly influential. They provide an understanding of Dattatreya and encourage us to become open and receptive to transformation. Lord Dattatreya’s life is shrouded in mystery. He is always portrayed with 3 heads. These heads represent the creativity of Brahma, the productivity of Vishnu and the enlightenment of Siva.

The Goddess of Miracles

Included in the trip is a visit to Sri Vasavi Devi, the female emanation and sister of Lord Dattatreya. Here, we will embrace the tremendous power of this archetype. She has strong links to Siddhi powers (miraculous powers). In the sacred temple, we will perform special ceremonies and rituals to access the energy of this boon-giving Goddess.

The Goddess of Education

We will also travel to the home of Sri Mookambika where we will talk about and discover processes to think at micro speed. We will learn how this is linked to higher intelligence. Higher intelligence is something that we cannot acquire from college or university. It is intelligence that comes in a split second—‘Gnana’ energy.

Make Room for Higher Thoughts

I will discuss techniques and processes at the seminar to reduce mediocre thoughts and access a higher level of thinking. Changing the way that we think will be a great challenge for humanity, but it will allow us to gain greater control of our lives. It is said that we have around twenty mediocre thoughts per minute, in some instances more. One of the most effective ways to reduce these thoughts is to submerge the body, mind, and soul in the energy and power of the great temples and powerspots which are included in this trip.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai


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