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Everything is Pretend 

Everything in this world is pretend. We pretend to be poor, we pretend to have poor health, we pretend to have bad relationships, and so on. This pretense is known as Maya. It is an illusion.  If we identify with this false illusion, nothing outside of this belief will ever change. We will either see ourselves as a millionaire or as someone who is struggling to make a living—that’s the bottom line.

Humanity is committed to this illusion of Maya. Therefore, it is important to look inward and awaken the Astral body. When attention is taken away from the material world, the eyes can become accustomed to a different way of seeing things.  We can enter a world that is blissful, eternal consciousness, and at one with God.


Illuminating the Way Forward 

Maya deceives us and plunges us into a world of darkness filled with obstacles. The only way we can stop tripping over these obstacles is to shine spiritual light onto them. During Deepam, thousands of people visit Arunachala Mountain in Tamil Nadu, India, to light an oil lamp. They walk away strong in the faith that it will solve their problems, but it never does. There is nothing wrong with the mountain—it is the mindset of each worshipper that creates the problem. The light on the mountain is really a symbolic message for people to look inward and seek their own true light.


The Awakening of Your Soul’s Aspirations

You can reach high achievements in this lifetime when the Astral Body is awakened. The Astral Body is identical to the physical body, but is made up of light particles. Here the chakras and Third Eye can be opened. You can also access the Causal Body which is subtler than the Astral Body. This is the part of you which chose this illusion of suffering. When you access the Causal Body you can see how you created this Maya. By determining the cause of your physical problems, God or a divine being can help you to find solutions and resolve issues in a minute, or even a second.  In the Astral World everything is done instantaneously; there is no waiting.


Only God Can Satisfy Your Soul

The Path of Devotion is the easiest way to melt the heart of the Divine. In devotion, you surrender the body, mind, and soul to God. Your ego is erased and there is only love for God. In Hinduism, love is God. Love is the divine light of God. Focus your attention on God or on whatever divine being you worship and allow the divine to enter your body, mind, and soul. Become possessed by God.


Escape From False Illusion

Your current problems are not real. They are illusions.  When you resonate from the inner light of the soul, you see that you are already rich; you are already incredibly healthy; you are already in a fantastic relationship. You are whatever you want to be!

God Bless

– Dr. Pillai


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