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Today is Deepam Day in Thiruvannamalai, which is Arunachala in Sanskrit. There are about half a million people today walking around the (Arunachala) mountain. There are also Divine Visitors who are Siddhas, Rishis, Yogis, and Angels from other galaxies.

This is the mountain that is the center for the earth plane. This information comes from the Siddhas who have revealed this through various Nadi Readings.

Most of the people who are here, some whom are within Thiruvannamalai and going around the mountain, are villagers who are very humble and simple. They do not know what’s going on, but somehow their souls know that if they go around the mountain, there will be some material benefits. There are also spiritual people, mostly from abroad, who are here, and they are also going around the mountain on this day.

There are some elite Indian people. Although they hate to mingle with the villagers, they still go there. Their intention in going around the mountain, mostly it’s material, and a little bit spiritual.

Now the mountain, it has been said, although it’s a rock, can change the consciousness of people. Ramana Maharshi came here and looked at the mountain, and he said: “Although this mountain looks like inconscient rock, Jetta, it’s capable of stilling the mind.”

That’s what he said. That was still a limited perception. The mountain is liquid flame. He never had that vision because he was not evolved enough (at the time).

Now it’s a shame that we are looking at the mountain with the human eyes and then only see the mountain. And we are looking at the mountain with the mind, working primarily through the eyes, and we couldn’t get anything. Still, we are lost in the mind consciousness. It’s a shame.

Dr. Pillai’s Deepam Prayer


My prayer to the mountain today is:

Oh Arunanchala, Shiva, it’s a shame that you are not helping human beings to go beyond the eyes, go beyond the senses, go beyond the mind, and see your true self. Why are you not doing this?

I know there is an evolutionary path that everyone has to go through. They have to start at some level and then progress. But it takes too long for people to evolve to that level and go beyond their senses, and (for) the mind to see. Even then, how many people have been able to see the mountain as flame, or themselves as flame, or everywhere the world around as flame, or light? How many people can see that? Not many people. How long does it take?

So the entire earth plane has to go through a thorough change, a ‘see change’ as it is called. That change that involves our senses to evolve to a level that Swami Ramalingam said were the subtle senses, and this with the subtle body, the Light Body. Then everything will be done.

But then, yes, it takes time. But why don’t you at least give a break so that, at some point, they will be able to look at the mountain, not through their eyes, not through their minds, but through their souls, and see your grandiose form which is light.

It cannot be done through Meditation, Samadhi, or any other means. It can be done only through your Grace. We need, at this time, your Grace, so that we see the mountain as light and not as rock. Not only should we see it as a form of light, but also the site itself. The Darshan (Divine Presence) itself can change us.

This is my prayer on this Deepam Day. On this Deepam Day, human beings have to be given at least a head start, from this day onwards, to see beyond senses, to see beyond the mind, to see beyond logic, and to meet you at the level of light.

We are light, and you are light, because we are you. But this is only a theory up until now. At least give us a break. It can be done only through your Grace: ‘Arut Perum Karunai’ (Infinite Intelligence and Grace/Mercy). Ramalingam said it’s a special Mercy from you.

Please give us Mercy because, otherwise, it will never happen through Meditation. Because even Yoga, as a Siddha put it, “Yoga itself is Maya.” The greatest Maya is Yoga, which is Meditation. So with this Maya, trying to see Maya in reality is not going to work.

So give us a break on this Deepam Day. This will be the last Deepam, when most people, if not all, are walking with so much unconsciousness and ignorance.

From next Deepam, and always onwards, we want people with consciousness to go around the mountain, and that will change the earth plane. The earth plane itself has to evolve, along with the human beings, and others also, including plants, and animals, and insects.

This is my prayer, on this most Sacred Day, for the entire Galaxy. Shiva, have Mercy on us.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai

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