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The best teaching I can give you is to remember my soul’s journey. I have learned a lot with each and every incarnation. I now live in the 21st century with all the benefits of science and technology to help me learn at an even greater pace. This is the reason why we return to the universe: to improve upon what we have learned in previous lives. Human birth is a series of visitations to Earth to learn more.

My Previous Births Inscribed on Nadi Leaves

Since birth, the yogis and rishis have channeled my entire astrological journey. Looking back, I can see why I have evolved to the level I am at today. I now know what my soul has to offer.

I want to focus on my many incarnations as Agasthiya, which have taken place at least 700 times. This powerful sage evolved to the level of Shiva and was given the name Agasthiswara, which means ‘God himself’. He is the most senior of all the siddhas. As a god, he was able to perform miracles and teach medicine, astrology, astronomy and alchemy.

We Are All Agasthiya

The Tamil Shaivite mystic and writer Thirumoolar once said “Agasthiya is not a person, he is consciousness.” The consciousness of the self is something that we all need to develop; it is the energy inside of us. We are all Agasthiya. He is inside all of us. He is the intelligence of the soul. When we have soul intelligence, there is nothing that we cannot do. We become god.

We have been given the gift of the soul which is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. If we go beyond the mind and into the soul, we can do anything instantly.

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Connecting With the Soul

Meditation allows us to merge with the blissful silence of the inner self and become one with God, but the mind is easily distracted. We must find a way to stop unproductive thoughts, those which block the path to higher realms.

At a very young age the Siddha Venkataraman was given the teachings of Agasthiya. In his teenage years he spread this one important message, “Agasthiya is inside of you.” This corresponds with the teachings of Thirumoolar.

In Tamil “Ah” represents the vowel in the first letter of Agasthiya’s name. Subsequently “ka” or “ga” denotes the first consonant. “Ah” is the spirit within all human beings. “Ka” is the body. We spend too much time in the body and forget about the soul, the part of us that empowers the mind, the DNA… everything. All our attention goes into the body.

Our thoughts are polluted and ignorant. We must learn to purify them. This is why I have come to the Earth plane—to incorporate contemporary methods of teaching in the 21st Century and make you aware of all the wasted thoughts you have. When you purify your thoughts you are able to see everything and do everything at the same time. You become who you are at a soul level, which is God.

The Sound of Purification

Thoughts are primarily sounds. This is how I discovered Phonemic Intelligence. Each sound has its own intelligence built into it. The “Ah” meditation connects to the clearest sound of God, the sound of life. It is the purest way to cleanse your thoughts. It is both “Ah” and “Ka”, the mind and soul which is what human beings are.

This is what evolution and enlightenment is all about: improving your previous reincarnations. The most powerful thing you can do is to purify your thoughts. That is the bottom line; that is what Agasthiya is—the pure consciousness inside all of us.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai


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