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Unfair Conditions

Even from a casual look at the conditions of most people on this planet, one major factor is apparent: most live in inhuman conditions due to a lack of money.

It goes without saying that living on Earth requires paying for everything—energy, housing, food, services, transportation and more.

This is when having a “bad money karma” becomes the source of all that is unfair and painful in the world.

Poverty allows many richer individuals to exploit others and poverty, in turn, creates situations that lead to excessive compromising of one’s higher values. For these reasons, eliminating poverty at its source has always been a great focus for Dr. Pillai.

How to End Poverty1

Stopping the karma that causes poverty means addressing deeply set behavioral patterns and beliefs that are ingrained in the human brain from birth.

This is why, in India, Dr. Pillai will teach many techniques based on the powerful sounds Shreem Brzee for extracting the very roots of poverty thinking and bad financial luck.

Your understanding of wealth will change quite naturally and money miracles will become common occurrences.

Dr. Pillai’s Message

Below is Dr. Pillai’s commitment to you to end your suffering. He also reveals some details about the program.

“I’m going to give you a very detailed understanding of what Shreem Brzee and the Goddess of wealth represent.

“You’ll learn how and at which particular times you can establish contact with Her.

“I’m also going to provide you with some extra tools and introduce you to certain secret temples.

“Along with the visits to these temples with me, I will give you the magical diagrams, or mandalas for the Goddess. You will also receive some special herbs that carry the energy of Shreem Brzee.

I want to invite you to come to India to remove your karma, better your health, and be in touch with Shreem Brzee and the Goddess of MoneyGod Bless.”

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