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Our hopes and expectations are set high when Jupiter, the greatest of all givers and the essence of optimism and inspiration, is transiting Cancer, its placement of exaltation.

But what to do if, a month into this great planetary event, you have not been feeling its positive effects, and you are actually experiencing a chain reaction of worries?

It is natural to want positive results immediately and we hold onto our set of expectations waiting for fulfillment. We also know we possess the necessary skill set to manifest our wishes and we are tired of waiting.

In the current astrological configuration, we can identify at least three reasons for this delay to a major breakthrough.

  1. Jupiter is receiving an aspect from Saturn.
  2. Jupiter is too close to the Sun for comfort.
  3. We have not yet figured out what to do about points 1 and 2.

So, here are some guidelines to speed up this slow manifestation process and bypass the tediousness of waiting for happiness.

Solution to point 1.

Saturn will remove his stern ‘aspect’ (or influence) from Jupiter only on November 2nd.

So, we need to remember that our goods are coming, but they may just be out of sight at the moment.

Meanwhile, you can recite some sounds to speed up time by appealing to the archetype and sole maker of all time slots—Kala Bhairava.

* OM KALA BHAIRAVAYA NAMAHA (108 or 27 times)

You can also add the sounds for both Sani (another name for Saturn) and Guru (or Jupiter).

* OM SHRAM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA (108 or 27 times for Saturn)

* OM GURAVE NAMAHA (108 or 27 times for Jupiter)

With humility and sincerity, you can complain to these planets—tears are usually the best sign that you are speaking from the heart and you are not in the ego.

It is natural to feel pride. Yet it is this emotional release that opens a direct communication with the divine forces.

Explain that you have been waiting seemingly forever and that you are willing to keep a positive outlook and do your work.

Ask for what you want in relationship or career. You can also plead for help with your finances or children.

Thank Saturn and Jupiter.

Solution to point 2.

While the Sun is shining light on what you need to change before receiving Jupiter’s boons, you can recite the sound waves that can turn things around. By using the mantra below, you can connect deeply with the Sun.

* OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (108 or 27 TIMES for invoking the Sun)

Ask the Sun to help you, as he is your soul and you are his child.

Just add in plain words—‘I will do all the needful to tend to my soul’s needs, but please help me with … ’ and state what you are asking in terms of power and success in your life.

Include a promise that you will offer service to others by providing … and list your intentions for helping others.

Thank the Sun.

Solution to points 1 and 2

Another important step for changing mediocre results into your desired outcome comes from Dr. Pillai.

In fact, he reminds us that keeping a pure heart is the first prerequisite for obtaining divine and planetary help—and that even gullibility is preferable to skepticism.

But even if you think you lack the necessary faith, the above-mentioned sound waves (or mantras) will change your consciousness and greatly reduce your doubts.

Wishing you a happy and speedy manifestation of your heart’s desires.

Enjoy the energies!



by Lalitha Devi

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