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Finding Fulfillment Through Bliss



“The origin of evil—which is negativity, hatred, violence—can be traced to the fulfilment of our sense desires, such as drinking, food, sex, watching movies, listening to music, etc. And what is life? It is negativity.

Nobody feels as if they are negative, but everyone is negative to a certain extent because the whole bodily existence involves pain, aching, diseases, debt, even psychological conditions. These are all painful things the body experiences. How many times do you find yourself feeling happy? How many times do you find yourself feeling unhappy? 


Money Does Not Bring Bliss

Some people who have a lot of money think they are very happy; they want to live forever, but how many people actually have that kind of money? Even those who have money are not happy in their own sense. So negativity overwhelms our existence. I am the only one that has articulated that the Buddha said life is dukkha, suffering, and he had all the money and power in the world. Not only did he have money, but also absolute power as he was the only son of the king. But despite this, what did he say? ‘It is dukkha. I’m going to get old. I’m going to get sick. And I’m going to die one day like all the other guys are dying. So what is life? This life, so that is life.’

So what do we mean by life is just fulfillment of our sense desires such as drinking, food, sex, watching movies, listening to music etc.? What do you need to get all these good things? You need money. 

So what is money? Money equals fun. Money equals fun and defines our personal self-culture. What is your culture? Fun- and in order to have fun, which is money, food, and sex, and music, we need money. So what do we do? Get as much money as possible. 


Soul Bliss Does Not Cost Anything

Our law and order problems originate in humanity’s pleasure-seeking behavior. We extend this vice in our trade wars and other countries as well. Why is there a trade war going on between countries? Because they want more money. Why do they want more money? More money means more food, sex, and drinking, more money for fun. So if you try to make as much money as possible, then you will have fun. What else do you want?

What is the solution? Seeking and experiencing soul bliss beyond fun. The thing that you have never known, soul bliss, and it doesn’t cost anything, and that will also give you great help. You will be in ananda. The Buddha left everything and then he got into nirvana, where he then found bliss, ananda. Soul bliss will eradicate all conflicts and all wars. The future of human evolution to a better race is based on changing our “money equals” equation.

That’s what everyone has to individually understand – why his or her own well-being, or the country as a whole, needs to change their value system to have people and the country find bliss. 

When do you find bliss? When you have a transcendental experience. And how is that going to happen? It’s going to be like sleeping. Is there somebody who doesn’t like to sleep? Sleep is bliss. Why? There is no mind in bliss. There is atma. In sleep, you get in touch with your atma, your soul. And if you are able to maintain that all day long, even during the waking state of consciousness, then you’re blissful. 


The Ultimate Wealth is Understanding Your Own Self

There is a story of  a king who came to bring a lot of gold, land, animals, etc. to a saint who didn’t even have any clothes on him. He was in a state of complete bliss, a nude saint in the 14th century, in Tamil Nadu. The king came in with all his elephants, horses, dancers, and musicians. The saint was not disturbed because he was in a state of bliss. They went and told him that the king had come with many gifts. So he came to his mind consciousness, and said, ”Oh, what an idiot! He is going to give me all that I already own. Why does he think that he is giving things which I already own?” So, when you are in that consciousness, that is the ultimate wealth. The ultimate wealth is understanding your own self. 

I’ve expressed many times that the one true teaching of Jesus Christ is his crucifixion. In other words, he killed his own body twice. One of those times was in the Last Supper when he broke the bread and drank the wine. That was symbolic of what he was going to do on the cross. He broke the bread, gave it to people, then took the wine and said, “This is my blood.” So, you let go of your body, you let go of your blood, and what remains is your true self or the light body.


We Have Created an Anti-Civilization, Against Ourselves

So what is denying you soul bliss is your true self – the body consciousness. And as I said before, during sleep, you are not dead, you are in bliss because you don’t have your ego. You don’t have your mind running. You don’t have your senses, money, food, and sex for which you run and run, run, run till you die. And if that becomes the value for humans, we are never going to be peaceful. People are going to continue killing each other more for money, food, and sex. And that is not what we consider civilization.

Freud wrote an essay towards the end of his life. It was ‘The Case of Dora’ as well as  other essays, and in that collection is this essay, Civilization and Its Discontent. And that’s one of the original contributions of Freud. We have not created a civilization. We have created an anti-civilization, against ourselves. 


How To Live Life Fully

So now what do we need to do in order to live life fully? I am now very happy to quote Osho. Osho went to see one of his friends who was dying. He was a very close friend and the friend was a businessman. Osho said “Look friend, I know that the doctors have said that you’re going to die, but I am here to tell you, you are not going to die.” The friend said “I love you, but you are not a doctor or a philosopher. How can you say that I’m not going to die?” Osho said “I can prove that to you.” How? “When did you live? There is a logical impossibility. You never lived your life.” That’s the truth. Many people don’t live.

There is more to life than just money, sex, and death. Life is so precious and beautiful, provided you understand what bliss is. That bliss is not going to be when you get the job you want, or when you become the director of the company. but what you cannot afford to lose even after death is your soul.

The body is in between you and your true self. In order to experience bliss, you don’t have to have money.


How To Help Ourselves and The World Find Bliss 

The only way we can save ourselves and save our human race is by simply reflecting on what we have created. We must reflect on why money currently equals fun, which is food, more money, and sex. There is a life beyond that, and once we realize this, we will be closer to finding bliss. Then you have that as your goal, the true experience of the soul which is bliss, then the world will see bliss everywhere. Otherwise, you are still going to follow the rat race to make more money so that we can buy more quality wine, quality meat, or if you are a vegan or vegetarian, some alternatives. They are more expensive than meat, which only furthers this rat race and obsession  to make more money. I encourage everyone to reflect on this. I want everyone to find their own personal liberation. For if everyone is liberated personally, then the whole country will be liberated.”


The Pillai Center encourages everyone to be a part of our New Year Program to Live Differently in 2022.




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