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Dr. Pillai has spoken extensively about the subject of selfless service. He tells us that when we are selfish we have boundaries. When we are selfless, the boundaries are broken and we become universal—everything becomes ours.

If you are compassionate to the have-nots, you will receive abundance.  It’s an important concept.  Help feed the impoverished.” Dr. Pillai

There are five opportunities this month to perform acts of compassion towards the underprivileged and reap maximum rewards from the gods.

December 9th 2019 – Moon Soma Pradosham

Today we can resonate with powerful energy that fills the earth plane. This is a time for dissolving negative karma embedded in the mind. One and a half hours before sunset is the window of opportunity for dissolving the shadows of the past. The Goddess Parvati is said to fill the psyche with the spirit of productivity, enthusiasm and progress.

Kind donations to the Tripura Foundation can help volunteers to feed over four thousand starving children and elderly per day. The Goddess is said to return such kindness by inspiring us to operate from the natural skills we were born with. When we work with our God-given talents we have the capacity to reach our highest goals.

December 11th 2019 – Dattatreya Jayanti/ Full Moon

Lord Dattatreya is considered the ultimate of all Guru’s and the pinnacle of wisdom. He is filled with compassion and love on December 11th, his birthday. The Full Moon is an indicator of his presence. Good deeds carried out today can help initiate guidance.  

Stories on the Tripura Foundation website are both touching and inspiring. They show the resilience of the human spirit and how, even in desperate times we can turn struggles into success. A small donation to the Tripura Foundation can create a wide ripple of compassion throughout the universe and beyond. Dattatreya can attune to these vibrations and is said to bless those who give. 

With three mighty forces of the Hindu trinity at work, there is optimum energy to instigate success and accelerate growth in all areas of life.

December 15th 2019 – Ravi Pushya

Of all the twenty-seven Nakshatras, Pushya carries the vibrations of wealth energy. This is a time for acting from the pureness of the heart, a time for giving with no ulterior motive.

The Tripura Foundation is almost 100% volunteer-based. Highly dedicated individuals offer time and resources to fellow men and women in need. Doing charity work or any good deed on this day is said to please Goddess Lakshmi whose presence can be felt in the homes of those who carry her in their hearts. Lakshmi reacts to such kindness by multiplying the amount of growth and money that flows towards those who give.

December 16th 2019 – Sun enters Sagittarius

As the Sun makes its way upward, there may be a strong connection with the higher self today. The sun is very active now, filling the mind, body and soul with warmth, positivity and the energy to keep growing and expanding throughout this journey of life.

Millions of senior citizens are poor and homeless with limited ability to expand and grow. They find themselves vulnerable, powerless, and neglected, physically weak with no money to buy food and no means of affording medical care or meeting other basic needs. Some are forced to beg. Moved by the plight of destitute men and women, The Tripura Foundation was created by Dr. Pillai to sponsor those who are severely malnourished.

A simple donation can lift frail hearts and fill them with gratitude and hope. Lord Surya is said to return that gratitude by filling the mind with his divine grace.

December 23rd 2019 – Soma Pradosham

Soma Pradosham is an effective time for clearing afflictions linked to the Moon, this powerful disc in the sky is ruler of the mind and emotions. Charity work and good deeds carried out 1.5 hours before and after sunset can bring auspicious results. The Anuradha star creates a window of opportunity for helping men, women and children who are currently living in a prison of poverty.

Scriptures say that Lord Shiva is very much aware of any kind acts performed today. He is said to bestow such kindness with improved health and wish-fulfillment.

Pure love for God and Genuine Compassion for All Beings

There are five opportunities this December to benefit from these powerful archetypes. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

God Bless,

Your Pillai Center Team


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