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Did you know Dr. Pillai supports Fire Labs as the best way to communicate with Divine Beings and solve your problems?

dr-pillai-fl1This is the same spiritual technology used by the Vedic Sages and Yogis to:

  • erase negative Karma that prevents a stress free life on the Earth plane
  • communicate with the Divine
  • establish close, lasting relationships with Divine Beings
  • reach and maintain advanced stages of meditation and higher consciousness
  • harmonize life by harmonizing Elemental energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Space

Dr. Pillai encourages everyone to take advantage of this special technology, emphasizing the participatory and experimental aspects of the Fire Lab. Got a problem? Try solving it with the same tools used by Enlightened Masters to talk with God! NOW is the time to do the experiment!

This Friday Pillai Center is having a FREE Prosperity Fire Lab conducted by Jai Radha

and here’s 5 great reasons to participate:

1. It’s on Ekadasi – That’s the 11th phase of the Moon and is associated with the highest wealth and total abundance!

2. Its for Vishnu – this is Vaikuntha Ekadasi, the most special Ekadasi of the year dedicated to Vishnu, giver of health, wealth, and Divine relationships!

3. It’s for Goddess – The Goddess has the energy to bless you with complete happiness in both the material and spiritual domains!

4. Performed by Jai Radha — an empowered Pillai Center Fire Lab Specialist. Pillai Center Fire Labs are effective, following Dr. Pillai’s special methods and strict timings for maximum results!

5. It’s FREE! — and here’s where you can’t go wrong. Take advantage, join Jai Radha and Pillai Center for this rare chance to see what Pillai Center Fire Labs are all about. Expect Miracles!


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