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Ganesha is more popularly known as the elephant-headed archetype who removes obstacles of all kinds. His elephant head symbolizes super intelligence and it is this great ability of his that allows him to overcome any and all obstacles.    Most often, people call upon Ganesha to remove obstacles in their lives, such as a block to better income, problems within relationships, issues around health, and other negative situations.

Leader of Celestial Army

But, did you know that his name also informs us of just how powerful he is? Watch this video of Dr. Pillai talk about this powerful archetype.  In the video, Dr. Pillai informs us that Ganesha’s name literally means ‘King of Angels’ –  “Ganas” (angels) and “Isha (king)”.  ‘Ganas’ are very powerful Light beings and Ganesha is the Leader of this Celestial Army. He has under his command beings that he can send to create change in any area of your life! Dr. Pillai refers to him as the gateway to other beings, which is why Ganesha is always invoked first before all other archetypes at the beginning of Vedic ceremonies and rituals.

Connecting with Ganesha easily

So, how do we connect with this powerful celestial leader? Through his mantras!

Dr. Pillai has provided three mantras which is like Ganesha’s personal cell phone number, that you can chant to get into contact with him. They are:


Om Gum, or

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

(Gum is Ganesha’s seed mantra to remove obstacles and Ganapati is another name for Ganesha.)

immersed in ganesha 1


We recommend chanting one of Ganesha’s mantras 108 times each morning before you begin your day. You can also pray to Ganesha to let him know of the challenges that you are facing and ask for his help in removing those obstacles out of your life. You can also chant his mantra throughout the day while doing mundane tasks.

God Bless!

Special access to make Ganesha do anything for you

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Ganesha Decoded

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