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You’ve probably had the experience—you read the descriptions of your ideal itinerary, locations and possibilities in an email about a program or travel.

Or it’s a post in social media that makes you daydream yet you know you can’t go or participate.

Not in your current situation, you tell yourself.

The same happens to many during this time of the year—because Dr. Pillai’s India Birthday Trip is filled with possibilities of Proxy Spiritual experiences and blessings from your favorite teacher. You’ve heard of those ancient, divine vortexes and wish for accelerated evolution.

A better life. A different destiny. A better karma.

You can’t stop thinking about it because it resonates with your soul and you wish to stop discomfort and pain. You want some happiness.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck. Through some ancient technology you can still participate. Here are the reasons in Dr. Pillai’s words.

“I know how much some of you want to be in India with me on my birthday, but can’t because of budgetary constraints.

“There is a solution for it and some of you may already know it, because we did it during my last birthday in India.

By-Proxy Spiritual Device1

You can be with me by using a spiritual technology or surrogate device.

“If we inscribe your horoscope or natal chart on a copper plate, it will be as good as you being there in person with me. Eventually, the copperplate will return to you after the rituals and at the end of my trip.

“This is a technology that’s been used particularly within mystical traditions and for various purposes.

“The copper plate will also be taken to various power vortexes and temples. Then your natal chart on the copper plate will go through a cleansing process in the sacred waters of special temples for karma removal.

“I very much want to offer you this possibility, as I did last year.

Additional Participation

“The second part of your participation in my birthday India trip is a 2-hour webcast from India.

“This is a live webcast with me and you’ll receive my key teachings from this trip’s program.

“I want to offer you this video and do something for you so you can benefit from it.

“I know that this is a very effective way of participating and this program is now available to you. God bless.”

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Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s BIRTHDAY PROXY here. Click the button below for details.


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