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Like some other enlightened Masters or Avatars, Dr. Pillai was born consciously—he remembers his previous lives and the reason for coming back to the earth plane yet another time.


He has mentioned this purpose many times: “I came to end human suffering.”


Dr. Pillai will soon celebrate his birthday—on February 1.

What do you give an enlightened Master who has everything?

As he’s often said, he only wants one gift from us—that we help each other.

A cause very near to his heart is benefitting destitute children of India, who are now studying and receiving assistance in his H0PE Learning Centers run by Tripura Foundationa non-profit charitable organization founded by Dr. Pillai.

Their programs help many children obtain adequate nutrition and scientifically oriented education.

In addition to standard school curricula, these students are receiving sound-based instruction conceived by Dr. Pillai to enhance intelligence. This is a proven method to highlight key areas of the brain connected with higher learning, as shown in numerous scientific studies.

Give them the gift of supreme intelligencecv

Sound is the building block of everything,” said Dr. Pillai of his educational program called Phonemic Intelligence (PI).

According to Siddha science, sounds create consciousness, life and intelligence. Their vibrations build everything in the cosmos—both animated and inanimate.

Interestingly, string theory proposes that matter is nothing other than energetic vibration.


Phonemic Intelligence exercises

Case studies show that through PI, children’s intelligence and memory increase and behavioral issues and learning disabilities are greatly reduced or disappear altogether.

These results allow children born in extreme poverty to reach unprecedented levels of intelligence and education.

Many of them, both boys and girls, have become engineers or hold other professional degrees that will take them to successful careers—a major step up from receiving just financial help and shelter.

Dr. Pillai’s lofty goals aren’t only centered on children, but on the betterment of everyone on the planet.

Other charitable programs focus on helping women—still the great majority of the world’s poor—and abandoned or ailing elderly, offering them assistance through food, clothing and monetary donations.

In the 21st century, we have to come together as one race: the human race,” he said.



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