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Happy Independence Day This week started out with a New Moon – the power time to propitiate the ancestors – so let’s not forget do to our “Tarpanam” rituals. Learn how. We are connected to our ancestors through our DNA and our “soul DNA” and they affect our progress on this earth plane.  She mentioned a one-year program that AstroVed offers that could be very helpful not only to ourselves to our descendants (children, nieces, nephews).  It is offered here.

The New Moon is also the beginning of the waxing phases of the moon and so this is a time to imagine what we want to manifest in our lives.  Sucharita urges us strongly to create a “Vision Board” where we can be reminded constantly of what we want in our lives.  Dr. Pillai wants us all to have the abundance that is our birthright.  If we have abundance, we will have more time to focus on our spiritual pursuits.

Sucharita announced that Dr. Pillai is starting another series of short videos on removing karma.  Participate LIVE daily at 2:00 p.m. EDT or watch the videos later on Pillai Center’s Facebook Page. The videos are just a couple of minutes long and you can easily fit them into your schedule.

Here are some important upcoming dates/event:

This week, 9 Nights of Goddess Varahi(varahi yantra benefits) start, followed by Bhagavati Seva Goddess worship. Learn more.

Saturday, July 9th The Pillai Center is offering a Dancing Shiva Interactive Fire LabThe Dancing Shiva is a deeply revered form of God that gives enlightenment. It was the Dancing Shiva who gave the light body mantra “Arut Perum Jyothi” to Swami Ramalingam in the 18th century. We will be invoking him through this special Fire Lab to bless us with immense positive spiritual energy. Learn more.

Remember July 16-19, 2016 is Guru Purnima or the Full Moon of the Guru, and Dr. Pillai will be leading a 4-day brain-training boot camp in San Diego, CA. Learn Yogic Wisdom to Awaken Intuition, Supernormal Powers and Financial Freedom.  Learn more. We can still sign up for the retreat until July 15.  Let’s not miss this rare opportunity to “sit at the feet of the master”!  If you are signed up to go, be sure to join the Facebook group called “Guru Purnima Retreat 2016” for updates and to try to connect up with others who are attending.  If you need a roommate or a room, there are postings there.

Sucharita also announced that there will be a Guru Purnima Virtual package including a webcast that Dr. Pillai is offering everyone who can’t make it to be with him in person. This is a fabulous opportunity to participate in the Guru Purnima if you can’t be there in person. This offering is called “Virtual Program” and the offer of $347 ends July 18th.  Here is what is included in the Virtual Program:

  • Teaching, Mantra, and Meditation Audio Downloads
  • Inclusion in Dr. Pillai’s Personally Performed Fire Lab
  • Inclusion in Guru Purnima Interactive Fire Lab in India
  • Energized Holographic Glass Cube of Dr. Pillai
  • Energized Kubera Yantra Personally Blessed by Babaji
  • Energized Guru-Mala (Rudrasksha + Citrine)


Click  Here for the Meditation audio. Click Here for the Discussion audio.


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Enjoy the grace of contributing to Tripura Foundation’s programs to uplift the poor to a higher standard of living. When Sundays with Sucharita attendees donate $30 or more, you are eligible for a FREE 20-minute astrology reading with Radha via Skype or telephone. You will learn the 5 things Dr. Pillai says everyone should know about your birth chart – your ascendant, birthstar, moon sign, sun sign, and primary & secondary planets that are currently influencing you. Donate to Tripura Foundation and forward your email receipt to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com or sundayswithsucharita@pillaicenter.com.

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