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Today, we consider Hippocrates the father of rational science and contemporary medicine. Yet the Greek physician wasn’t the only famous doctor in human history.

In ancient India

Believed to be at least 7,000 years old, the Vedas carry many references to the Gods’ physicians, the Ashwini Kumaras, and other solar gods in charge of the highest well-being of both human and celestial beings.

Dhanvantari’s Bio

According to the Puranas, the greatest physician of all times was Dhanvantari, said to be the father of the ancient healing system of India, Ayurveda. From his teachings, came a long tradition of physicians called the Dhanvantaris, who could even perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgery as described in ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Dhanvantari is believed to be an incarnation of Vishnu, the God in charge of preserving the entire universe. The Puranas also report that Dhanvantari lived in 3000 B.C., so long before Hippocrates’ birth.

 Rituals to Dhanvantari homam are common even in today’s India and performed to cure ailments. Worship of this celestial archetype is said to have miraculous healing effects even in desperate cases.

 But can you count on an archetype for physical, emotional and psychological healing? According to Dr. Pillai and the unbroken tradition of the Siddhas, the answer is yes.

What is myth?

 Dr. Pillai teaches that unlike our self-created, frozen realities in which time seems excruciatingly long, especially when we want healing, money or a relationship, myth is an eternal truth.

So through myth, we can tap into our subconscious knowledge of the cosmos and awaken our own hidden powers. In other words, myths help you realize your divine origins.

Being an Ayurvedic healer, Dhanvantari used many herbs for his healing preparations and taught scores of other physicians to use the synergy of various herbs to engender health.

 Moreover, Dr. Pillai has revealed that not only are Ayurvedic and Siddha herbs very effective, but behind each herb there’s a Goddess. This is both a celestial boon and a foundational principle of Siddha medicine. By praying to the Goddesses behind the herbs, told us Dr. Pillai, you can heal much faster.

The myth of Dhanvatari  

On his way to Mount Kailash—Shiva’s sacred mountain and abode—Dhanvantari was accompanied by his medical students. Disturbed by the group’s loud chatter and stomping, Takshaka, one of the Nagas, the serpent deities of wisdom, spewed venom at the disciples and emitted a terrifying hissing sound.

In retaliation, one of Dhanvantari’s students grabbed a diamond ornament from Takshaka’s forehead and—in a grave gesture of disrespect—threw it on the ground.

This terrible insult attracted the attention of Vasuki, the powerful King of the Nagas who challenged Dhanvantari and his pupils by sending thousands of venomous serpents. The venom’s fumes knocked down the students and made them terribly nauseated.

Unfazed, Dhanvantari gave the students a potent medication of his making and healed them immediately. In turn, with his miraculous powers, he transferred the effects of the venom to the serpents, who fell ill.

Even more irritated, the King of the Nagas sought the help of his sister, a much more powerful Naga Goddess, Manasa. She had acquired many super powers by worshipping Shiva and doing a long and arduous penance in his honor.

With her spell, she poisoned the students and made them fall to the ground.

Again, Dhanvantari administered a medicine made by him and the pupils became instantly healthy.

Furious, the Goddess threw her trident—a gift from Shiva—to kill Dhanvantari. Immediately both Shiva and Brahma appeared and saved the divine physician’s life.

Brahma and Shiva also persuaded the Nagas to end their enmity, allowing the students and Dhanvantari to proceed unharmed to Mount Kailash.

Connect with Dhanvantari

Recite the vibrational sounds to invoke this archetype on a Wednesday or on the 11th lunar phase—Om Hreem Dhanvantari Mahavishnave Namaha 108 times.

Dhanvantri mantra miracles for invoking Dhanvantari’s healing powers is the following:

Om Namo Bhagavate


Amritakalasha Hastaya

Sarvamaya Vinashanaya


Vishnave Swaha

Loosely translated it means:

We pray to God Dhanvantari

Who holds the Kalasha (or pot) full of Amrita (or nectar of immortality),

Who removes all fears and all diseases.

He is the well-wisher and preserver of the three worlds.

[We pray to] Dhanvantari, who heals the (Jiva) individual souls.

We bow to Vishnu [Lord of Ayurveda].

Moreover, the Vedic sages believed that Dhanvantari can heal all mental and physical ailments when he is invoked through a fire ritual in which 108 medicinal herbs are offered to this celestial archetype.

Wishing you perfect health and happiness!


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