My family hated me for becoming a meditation teacher in my twenties. They hated me even more when I became a Guru. To please my family, I went to university and obtained two Master’s Degrees and a Ph.D from the University of Pittsburgh, but deep down I always knew that I was destined for greater things. I went through a period of soul-searching and thought deeply about many things.

We are all on a soul journey. We all have personal things that we want to achieve. I have always dreamt of having enough money to finance all the great scholars, scientists and technologists who work relentlessly to produce spiritual technology that can change the world.

A lot of spiritual people are poor. Osho once said: “They are spiritual people, they are not material people, what do you expect?” He also said: “Spiritual people are spirit-less people. This is why they do not make any money”. Osho was a very light-hearted genius who never took anything too seriously.

My own biography is a fight between materiality and spirituality, but these are not opposites. Spirituality is a skill for success in the material world as the spirit is more powerful than the material mind.

At The End of the World There Is God

In the bible, God says: “Call on me and I will give you the end of the world as your inheritance”. The Divine was talking about the higher ‘you’, for you are God. The lower ‘you’ is your vocation, your small identity.

In the upcoming Guru Purnima celebrations, I am going to talk about things I have been through in my life and what I have learned. I will also show you how easy it is to become affluent.

We were born in a world where money is considered bad— all religions teach that. Money is not bad, but a lack of money is. Money is not evil, but a lack of money is.

I am also going to talk about scarcity consciousness which is not spiritual; it is the opposite of being spiritual. Spirit is God. It has the ability to do everything you want to do.

Everything in the world is based upon sounds. Your mind-set, your material reality, the events that are due to take place in your life, they are all based on sounds. The Bible says: “In the beginning, there was the word, and the word was with God, and God created everything with the Word.”

The Sound for Wealth Consciousness

Chant the sound Shreem Brzee, 108 times a day. Use a word counter and chant Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee over and over. These two sounds have the ability to transform scarcity consciousness into prosperity consciousness. They are the building blocks of material reality. Speak the word and manifest it.  

The Kabbalah Textbook of Creation says that Abraham was able to create a goat simply by repeating the word goat, goat, goat. Sounds can manifest. Soon we will be able to prove this. String Theory is quoted as saying that “the fundamental principle of creation is sound waves.”

We can create through sounds. They are powerful,l and I will teach more about them in the Guru Purnima Siddhi Powers Course on July 13th, 2019. Students will learn how to manifest with soundwaves.

The Elements Hold Tremendous Power

Mantras are highly powerful… so powerful that they could stop an earthquake. The quantum sound Na is the soundwave taken from the mantra “Namasivaya”. The Na syllable represents the Earth. Namasivaya is made up of five sounds Na, Ma, Shi, Va, and Ya. Each sound represents the five elements of the earth.

Earth has many treasures including gold and platinum. Everything comes from the earth so everything is Na.

The Past and Future Is the Present Moment

Spirituality is not about sitting and lamenting over things we have not been able to do. It is about living in the Now.  It is about the technology that is available to mold and shape our lives. When we live spiritually, we live like a master and not a slave.

These are the primary teachings for the Guru Purnima Course. I personally want to invite all of you to change your lives forever.

God Bless!

Dr. Pillai 


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