Are Gurus relevant in the 21st century? Are religions and scriptures relevant? I ask these questions because Gurus and scriptures are often classed as belonging to a civilization that we no longer need.

Today the world is based on science and technology, which begs the question: How relevant is religion and a Guru in the 21st Century? These are very important questions. I think they are more important today than ever before because they talk about eternal truth.

What is eternal truth?

Eternal truth is all about understanding your soul, your mind and yourself. This is what the scriptures and the Gurus talk about.

The mind is the cause of all the problems we encounter in this lifetime. It is also the cause for whatever successes may come our way. It plays both parts and gives us an understanding of energy and how to exploit or change it according to our needs. However, the mind is also the reason for depression. We all become depressed at some point throughout the day, so it is important to understand the relationship between the mind and the day.

When you wake up each morning, the mind is usually very clear and happy, enabling you to achieve a lot of things. But some days you may wake up feeling low. No matter how hard you try, things do not fall into place. This is real; we are subjected to forces of energy that come from the planets.

Try studying this in a very scientific way. Take for example, Friday. Generally, this is a day of joy, but not everyone will feel this joy. It can be very bad for some.

What do you do?

The Guru plays the role of a psychologist and provides the tools needed to deal with the mind. For instance, if you are in a bad mood, Pranayama breathing will help to soften the edges.

Try breathing out through your mouth for as long as possible, and then inhale quickly through your nose. This maintains a special relationship with the breath and the mind. When you practice chaotic breathing for say, five minutes or even two minutes, the mind will become very clear, and you will be able to maintain a brighter frame of mind throughout the day.

This spiritual technology can be used every single day. You can do it anytime. It will stop everything. It allows you to step out of the mind and stop the thought process.

The mind can be controlled through your breathing. This is something a Guru can teach in more depth. Your Guru could be an enlightened person or just someone who instructs, but he will be able to help at a higher level which is very important. Spiritually, a Guru will bring you closer to God.

You Can Really Talk to God and Receive an Answer

The Guru is a conduit for Divine energy. It is very important to connect with him and build up a personal relationship. You do not have to see him in person, but if you can, that is great.

Look into the eyes of the Guru and pay close attention to his words. Be with him and talk to him every day. Keep looking into his eyes and you will become intoxicated by the Divine. Look at him, listen to him and the breath will settle down, the mind will settle down and put you in touch with God.

On Guru Purnima, I am offering the gift of one-hour instruction and deep blessings. Don’t miss out.

God Bless!

Dr. Pillai 


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