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1We are well into Navaratri, the nine nights solely dedicated to three lovely Goddesses.

After three nights of Durga, the next three nights belong to a most beloved Goddess. She rules gold, sits on a pink lotus—and Her name is Lakshmi.

Surprise Appearance

She has a gentle form—the image of Lakshmi that everyone is accustomed. She looks radiant in pinks, golden hues, pale blues and is flanked by two lovely white elephants, additional symbols of prosperity. Navaratri Lakshmi is in warrior garb and carries combat weapons.

With sparks of ultraviolet light and a ferocious mood, she uncovers dark agendas of demonic forces that block humanity’s money, financial security, well-paid jobs and comfortable lifestyles. She then sets out to vanquish these demons.

By the time she’s done with them, the world’s gold can be more fairly redistributed.

Miracle Revelations by Dr. Pillai

If you have been expecting miracles from the Navaratri main Goddesses, you’ll be happy with the following news:

Dr. Pillai has given us a free bonus revelation—about another Goddess and her vibrational sounds to bring you miracles, peace and bliss during the nights of Navaratri.

She is a primordial celestial being and Her name is Radha. Her vibrational sounds are Radhe Radhe.

“Strange things are happening in my life,” Dr. Pillai says

He was moved to record a new video for Navaratri. “Where is the motivation for video coming from?” He explained, “I wanted to share something that I have discovered that will transform the listeners.”

Confidential Story That Happened in a Secret Retreat 2

In the video, he then recounted an earlier episode that only those who had joined him for a nine-day Navaratri Goddess seminar witnessed.

The Goddess came every night like thunder and lightening. Then, everyone experienced another miracle.

During the chanting of a certain mantra for Lakshmi, everyone heard a celestial voice of a woman chanting along with Dr. Pillai.

Only later did everyone learn that the sweet feminine voice had manifested from the ether, as no one else was actually reciting the mantra with Dr. Pillai.

So miracles come directly from the Goddess and this is why it’s very important to connect with Her on a personal level.

When a King Wants Everyone to Be Royal

Dr. Pillai is also urging us to chant the sounds Shreem Brzee, as revealed to him by Vishwamitra—a king who later took on a light form—and who contacted Dr. Pillai years ago, to deliver this mantra to change humanity’s financial conditions and bring royalty consciousness to all.

“I’m glad that I’m sharing this with you. Have a wonderful Navaratri.” 

Stay up at night as much as possible. If you can stay up even for a few hours, you will be benefited a lot. Don’t miss this opportunity. God Bless.”


Lalitha Head Shot

Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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