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“You Got It, Before You Get It”. – This is one of the new teachings that I’ll be teaching in the New York Seminar. This is about the law of manifestation.

Observation & Manifestation

There are a couple of laws here. One is the physical quantum physics law, which is: “As an observer, you collapse the waves to become particles through the power of observation because it is the observer who creates everything”.

Without the observer there is nothing. You are so important, and through your observation, you collapse waves to become particles, otherwise, there is no manifestation at all.

I will talk about it in New York, and also relate it to what the Yogis have to say about observation and manifestation, and what techniques they use.

For example, Patanjali talks about concentration as a way of manifestation. I will talk about Patanjali and quantum physics, and how they go together in the creation of matter.

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You Got It Before You Get It

Now, another theory that I will discuss is: “You got it before you get it”. When did you get it? You got it in another lifetime. That’s why it is easy for people to manifest, and accumulate things because they got it in another lifetime.

What do you mean by “got it in another lifetime?” In another lifetime they meditated on it, and they either had it, or could not have it, and the life ended. Then they came back here with the power and energy to manifest it very easy, and that’s why it becomes easy.

They got it in another lifetime, and to get it in this lifetime is relatively easy, and this is always the case. Once you are a king, then you always will be born as a king, unless you have done something very bad, and then you created another bad birth. But otherwise, once you have manifested in one lifetime, it’s continuous.

You Got It in Your Soul

Now, there is another important point about “You got it before you get it”. You got it in your soul, which is not only a matter of getting it in a past life situation but even in this situation in this life. This is a very important thing because some people do not have the past life good karma to manifest.

In this life also this concept that “You got it before you get it” is valid. How? You have to get it in the soul, and once you have got it in the soul, then you can get it in the 3-dimensional material reality.


It Can Be Easy to Manifest

“What do you mean by getting in the soul?” It is through faith. Faith is very important. That’s why Jesus said: “If you have faith, you can move even mountains”. You must have faith. At the faith level, you should always think that you’ve got it already. You have to believe that you’ve got it already.

Then at the mind level, and at the sensory level, you can bring in the belief and the passion. The mind is at the belief level, and the passion is at the sensory level. So you have the faith level, you have the belief level, you have the sensory level. If all of these things correspond, then it is easy to manifest. I will also explain, and give techniques for this.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai

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