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How to Live the best Life Possible

New Year and new beginning:

New Year is a time for new beginning, you would have had many

Pillai Center is organizing the program, Live Differently In 2022, to help you make the upcoming 2022 a memorable year. Dr. Pillai will be revealing Divine Secrets to Success. The program would include Initiation, Coaching and Remedies.

Dr. Pillai and his senior students will teach you the techniques that would make 2022 a great year for you. Do join us live on the New Year’s Day and know how to Live the best Life Possible.


Dr. Pillai about the New Year program:

Following words from Dr. Pillai shed more light on the Pillai Center’s New Year program.

How to live 2022 differently

“How to live 2022 differently? I am going to share with your knowledge that led to my success. I came to the United States in 1983. If I had the knowledge that I have today back then, I would have done a lot for the world. Knowledge is important, but what is more important is strategic implementation and also the courage to venture.”

Two Things You Have to Have

“These are two things you have to have—strategies and courage. If you do not have a strategy then you will not be benefited by what you know. Scientists have a lot of knowledge, but they do not have the strategy to productize and market it. So, you have to be very strategic. And if you do not have courage, you will struggle to act.”

Teachings I Have Not Spoken About Before

“I am going to teach certain sounds that I use, during certain periods of time, to activate the strategic intelligence. I want to share that and how to develop the courage to venture it to action and implementation. I also want to give you an understanding of karma that would benefit you a lot, which I have not spoken about before. It will be like an exposition that the Siddha masters talk about that will give you a different perspective on strategies and the ability to venture.

I am also having my senior students do sessions on the Holy Spirit, Super Thoughts, Fire Labs, and Shreem Brzee. This seminar will benefit everyone. God bless!”


The Agenda of the Live Differently in 2022 program

The Live Differently in 2022 program includes a Live New Year’s Day 4-Hour Mega Seminar that will be conducted by Dr. Pillai and his senior students. More details on the seminar are below.

Live New Year’s Day 4-Hour Mega Seminar

Initiation and Teachings with Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai has been inspired to provide this 2-hour initiation to you during the powerful first day of the New Year, which will be a special New Moon considered to be Hanuman’s Birthday. Dr. Pillai will be revealing to your secret knowledge that led to his personal success including:

  • How to develop Divine strategies
  • The courage to implement them
  • And the understanding of karma you need to succeed

Divine Intervention through the Holy Spirit

Dr. Pillai has chosen Mohini, Elaine Kueper, to deliver this segment of the seminar. She will be teaching about how to do things through the Holy Spirit using Divine strategies.

  • Gain insider intuition to succeed quickly
  • Be supported in your actions with Divine power
  • Attract opportunities primed for accomplishment

Super Thought Accelerator

Dr. Pillai has selected Maya to share his masterful insights and techniques on how to suppress unproductive thoughts and give power to super thoughts.

  • Inhibiting limited, self-defeating thoughts
  • How to identify a Powerful Thought
  • Accelerating Super thoughts to create a better reality

Shreem Brzee Revelations

Dr. Pillai has selected Gina Guerrieri to deliver this segment. She will be sharing a new way to use and benefit from the ultimate sounds for wealth consciousness, Shreem Brzee, given to her by Dr. Pillai.

  • Enlist intervention from the power of prosperity
  • Achieve clarity, authentic desire, and focus
  • Manifest extraordinary wealth using a new and refined methodology

New Beginnings Interactive Fire Lab

Dr. Pillai has selected Beth Desmarais to perform this Fire Lab. New Year’s Day is a New Moon. Both times are associated with new beginnings. The Lord of New Beginnings is Ganesha. His grace will be invoked to help assure extraordinary success in our new endeavours, and for acquiring his preeminent strategic intelligence. It will also be Lord Hanuman’s birthday. Lord Hanuman is the personification of the power of Divine action. His grace will be invoked to bestow his Divine power of action we need to achieve outrageous success.

  • Invoke the preeminent strategic intelligence of Ganesha
  • Access the supreme power of action of Hanuman during his birthday
  • Gain the grace for achieving outrageous success in 2022

Ritual Technology Support

Apart from Seminar, we are also conducting special rituals as follows

Manifest with Fire January Program

Manifest with Fire is a program commissioned by Dr. Pillai. According to the ancient Siddha and Yogic tradition, creation or manifestation is facilitated through the 5 elements – Space/Akash, Air, Fire, Water, and finally, Earth. The first two represent the formless, the final two represent form. Fire is the medium through which the formless is said to acquire form. Manifest with Fire includes a combination of inner and outer fire practices to create a holistic approach to accelerated manifestation.

2-Day Grand New Year Ceremonies

Pillai Center has commissioned 2-Day Grand New Year Ceremonies targeted to destroy misfortune, suffering and obstacles and invite good fortune, health, success and prosperity for your 2022.

We welcome you to join the New year seminar to manifest all your dreams and live the best life possible in the upcoming year 2022. Click the below link to join us on the New Year day.


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