Loving Too Much, But Not Wisely

“When Othello was asked how his life should be portrayed to future generations, he said: ‘Nothing should be sugar-coated; it should be presented as it was.‘ He was referring to his behaviour towards Desdemona, the love of his life.

Othello was a man who loved too much, but not wisely.

This is something to which most of us can relate. We love too much but not wisely. You have to love wisely — that is the bottom line.

When Love Is Blind

I will give you an example. I knew an extremely beautiful woman who could take her pick of men. She could marry into money, fame, or social status, but did not have any desire to do so.

She was attracted to people who were quite the opposite, people who would take her to dinner but expect her to pay the bill. This is a classic example of loving too much, but not wisely.  I said to her ‘What are you doing? This is not right. You are choosing the wrong people.’ She said: ‘I just go by love, not by money, status, or any other criteria. For me, it is important to love someone. And I will love a person even if he doesn’t have money or a good job.’

We should all take a closer look at love and decide if it is wise or even love at all. Such things do not cross our minds, but loving wisely is very important.”

– Dr. Pillai

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