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In sidereal Pisces, Mars, the planet of courage and energy seemed gentler, more devotional, inwardly focused and kind of reserved. All the above qualities are now out of sight, as the transit of the Red Planet in the first constellation of the zodiac is a real game changer.

Now Mars will move through sidereal Aries between March 1 and April 12, and will acquire both powerhouse status and missile-like energy.

In their meditative states, ancient yogis saw the Martian electromagnetic field and observed how it affected the human brain and consciousness, bringing motivation, fearlessness, passion or anger.

So, never mind the past! Here for you—three easy steps and a small shift in consciousness to leave hesitation behind and move assertively forward. And if you’ve been eagerly waiting for your dreams to come true, this isn’t a moment too soon.

Power of myth

In Vedic astrology, Mars is synonymous with youthful energy, warrior-like instinct and muscular prowess.

Stemming from the ancient Vedic texts of India, Vedic astrology is arguably the most ancient and accurate predictive system in the world.

In fact, long before the Babylonian and Greek systems appeared—the Rig Veda (the oldest of the Vedas) and the hymns of Dirghatamas (a great Vedic Rishi and intuitive seer) referred to a 360-degree zodiac and the 12 signs, displaying very advanced mathematical calculations.

Can you imagine counting trillions and calculating numbers followed by 12 zeros without the help of a computer?

In Indian mythology, Mangala or Mars is considered a son of Bhumi or Earth and Vishnu, the celestial being who preserves the universe.

Another myth says that Mars is associated with the Pleiadian God Muruga and born from Shiva’s blood.




In both cases, the Red Planet is believed to be the embodiment of fire and victory.

You’ll need to be cautious while driving or racing, as Mars’ influence on your consciousness could be likened to drinking a triple shot of espresso under an incandescent sky—you’ll feel the heat.

Because Aries is the enthusiastic sign that gives Mars a penchant for adventure, decisiveness and leadership, you can also use this fiery energy to reach your goals and remove red tape in your personal or professional projects.

You can now expect a refreshing beginning at work and more stamina in your day-to-day activities.

Scientific and astrological views

We all feel sluggish sometimes, and in North America winter comes with diminished sunlight, increased moodiness, and lack of motivation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ten million Americans and growing suffer from some form of chronic fatigue, whose symptoms are lessened by physical exercise. In fact, research proves that exercise therapy can improve clarity and lessen depression, which is often associated with chronic fatigue.

According to the Rishis, Mars rules physical training, competitions and martial arts. So Mars can help you get a shapely and buff body.

A 2006 study at University of Georgia has brought impressive evidence that regular exercise can increase energy levels and reduce fatigue.

A peer-reviewed 2016 study published by the NCB (National Center for Biotechnology Information), showed that exercise improved both sleep quality and cognitive functions in university students. Moreover, regular exercise proved effective in reducing fatigue for up to 12 weeks after the intervention, and that “emotional exhaustion, overall fatigue, and sleep quality had further improved 12 weeks after the intervention.”

Now that spring looms, Mars’ hot energy will reawaken your interest in fitness. Wearing athletic footwear, running outdoors and hitting the gym will seem much more attractive.

Vedic technology

You can ignore archetypes, but they won’t ignore you. They’re believed to live in the collective consciousness, guiding us and triggering our thoughts and actions. Many of these Gods are said to be invested in human welfare and on a mission to help us.

Mars is considered a living being that can help you boost a real estate business, launch your startup, win a marathon, and lose weight.

This planet is ruled by Muruga, the young warrior and celestial archetype from the Pleiades star cluster.

Some other classic texts advise us to pray to Hanuman to remove Mars’ negative aspects, such as impulsiveness and aggression.

The following Vedic steps are believed to bring you financial miracles and victory in both sports and litigation.

  • Invoke Mars on Tuesdays with the traditional sounds—OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA.
  • Connect with Muruga and Mars at their most powerful through Vedic fire rituals—or Fire Labs. Muruga is said to have many supernormal powers. He can protect you against enemies, rivals and competitors, heal you from disease, and bring you luck in relationships.

Enjoy the energies!


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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