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The yogic axiom, “Where your attention goes energy follows,” is true even in Vedic astrology.

Until May 26, Mars—the planet of energy, action, courage and strength—will be in a softer environment in Taurus, an earth sign ruled by the now-exalted and even more gracious Venus.

What does that mean for your happiness and material achievements?

It means that Mars is a powerfully motivated and spiritual warrior that can help you reach your goals for lasting wealth and contentment.

You now have a new opportunity to get your heart’s desire. In fact, your intentions and actions carry information and energy, and Mars can help you implement your ideas!

So without further talk, here for you—three easy steps and spiritual solutions that will turn your dreams into reality. This a rare opportunity because Mars won’t come back to Taurus until March 22, 2019.

1. Empower yourself with feminine energy

According to the Vedic tradition of the ancient Indian seers, material loveliness is associated with the feminine and the Goddess.




So love, beauty, jewelry, arts and design are caused by the Divine Feminine.

Although Mars is a masculine planet, from Taurus he can help you connect with the energy of both Venus and Goddess Lakshmi—who is the traditional ruler of Venus.

Connect with Lakshmi on Fridays with the following mantra—or sound technology that connects you with the celestial realms.


2. Get help from Mars

Mars won’t be thinking about war in Taurus. As he nudges you to pursue your creativity, he also infuses your work with more gracious energy.

Because Venus is still strong in Pisces until the end of May, Mars receives support for bringing you interests in collecting gems and other valuables.

And whether your goals are material or spiritual, you’ll need steady energy and strong resolve to achieve them.

To take the powerful steps you need to manifest your intentions, invoke Mars with his special sounds on Tuesdays.


3. Enlist Vedic professionals

Dr. Pillai says that nothing of value is achieved without sacrifice or exchange of energy.

Sponsoring Vedic ceremonies done by well-trained specialists can put you on a highway of sorts to reach your goals much faster—as these powerful remedies are believed to act fast and bring you miracles.

Fire Labs (or fire rituals) to Mars, Venus and Lakshmi are said to accelerate the acquisition of wealth and landed properties. You can also increase your creativity for your work and projects.

by Lalitha Devi

Lalitha Devi is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and certified Vedic astrologer.

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