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Unless you’ve been living a peaceful life of seclusion and meditation in a remote zone of the world, you’re stressed like most of us, have occasional doubts, you may be somewhat dissatisfied with your life or might even feel unsafe. Confusion and sadness may also be looming at one time of another.

Enter Durga, the Goddess warrior who can take on every form of negativity and transform it into a state of deep peace, crystal clarity and complete safety.

What’s New This Navaratri?

According to Dr. Pillai, this Navaratri, or Nine Nights of the Goddess, will be different. He is asking us to embrace the divine feminine energy called Shakti—or ultimate cosmic power—and bring it into our lives.

This will result in unprecedented global empowerment for humanity.

We have lost belief in the invisible worlds and have become disbelievers of Gods, Goddesses and Angels, as Dr. Pillai recently pointed out. We might also dismiss the existence of demonic forces. Needless to say, this secular view of reality is also a belief system.

Dark forces are real and only a powerful, warrior-like Goddess can defeat them. The vanquishing of dark forces by light Beings is both true and cyclical and is reenacted every year on our planet during the Nine Nights of the Goddess.

According to Dr. Pillai, the Goddess is the ‘Creatress’ and without her there wouldn’t be life on Earth.

Although in our modern era we are generally not Goddess worshippers, we intuitively understand the strength of the feminine energy through the common belief and expression: “Behind every successful man there is a woman.”

Sound Waves Bring You Goddess Help1

“She gives you consciousness,” Dr. Pillai said of the Goddess. We need to relate to her in her multiple aspects and we can access her through sound waves or mantras.

Secretive Siddhas, masters of human consciousness and spiritual science, don’t easily reveal this knowledge of Goddess worship and its related sounds (or mantras) have been kept secret for eons.

They were only given to a few adepts who had reached the right level of evolution, through equally secret initiations.

We must connect to the Goddess in “Her sound form,” or mantric form, said Dr. Pillai, as well as “Her other real theomorphic and anthropomorphic forms—as you see with Goddesses who have many hands and heads.” And these Goddesses and their forms “must be understood in their Divine context, because they are real.”

Permanent Brain Enhancement Courtesy of the Goddess

The nine mantras that Dr. Pillai is revealing this Navaratri can change entire brain structures with their vibrations and can vanquish negativity in all forms. Behind each mantra there is a real living Goddess.

Happy Navaratri and enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi


Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s Goddess Wisdom Program.

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