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Mercury, the planet of intellectual intelligence, media, business, curiosity, fun, comedy and travel will be going direct on January 25, after a few weeks of retrograding in Capricorn and Sagittarius.

This is a planet that wants to know how things work (from the inside)—picture a clock and Mercury taking it apart to find out who’s moving the hands of the minutes and hours.

Only to discover that there’s a complex machine that does it all.

Mercury is now accompanying Venus and this conjunction can be summarized by an episode I experienced as a 20-year-old girl who was romantic at the core, loved poetry and listened to love songs.

I read a book about the chemical, scientific reasons for falling in love.

The descriptions of all those chemical exchanges that make two people “fall” in love made me depressed. It was a too cold analysis for one of the joys that made the world a better place.

If the scientist who authored the book was right, then were humans crazy thinking there was more to love?

Wasn’t there a mystical dimension to love, which turned the experience into merging with the soul of your beloved?

It took me a few days or weeks to reach a reconciliation between these two aspects: scientific scrutiny from Mercury with relationship happiness from Venus.

But when you add Jupiter’s influence on these two planets, you get a mystical and more devoted kind of love—the kind that is a bit otherworldly, too.

So to make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity for enjoying life in a slightly more philosophical and devotional style, here for you—three quick tips for your happiness.

1. Get out of your usual mindset

Mercury rules travel. Venus air travel. Sagittarius long-distance travel. So you can now travel to a spiritual site whether you’re in a relationship or not—you’ll love a journey or quest and learning about something noble or people from other cultures.

If you can’t get away, the travel could happen in your mind. A book on inspiring philosophy or foreign literature could take you to new pinnacles of knowledge and expansion and you’ll feel as though you are far from your home.

2. Pray together

If you’re single, stepping out to join a kirtan (or live performance of devotional chanting) or a group meditation will feel truly wonderful.

If you are in a relationship, you could meditate or practice yoga together. Deeper bonds are often formed when a relationship moves beyond physical attraction and into the spirit.

3. Send love and gratitude to the planets 4

We seldom think we owe the planets any love or gratitude. Yet due to the karma of our own making, they deliver to us joys or needed lessons.

Even a simple “thank you” to Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will shift your consciousness and bring you their help. Usually planets can be accessed with their special sounds.

You can recite 27 times the sound waves (or mantra) for Mercury OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA and ask this green planet for help with your business, online company, communication, research or marketing.

Thank Mercury with sincerity.

OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA chanted at least 27 times will bring you Venus’ favors in relationships or creative projects. Thank Venus.

OM GURAVE NAMAHA are the vibrational sounds for Jupiter. Ask for plenty of inspiration, higher wisdom and to find your true calling. Recite the sounds 108 or 27 times. Then thank Jupiter with heartfelt gratitude.

Offering to images of these planets some flowers, sweets, light (from oil and ghee lamps or candles), burning incense and praying with much devotion and sincerity will put you in touch with a higher dimension where there’s no place for fear or sorrow. Ask for hope, faith, love, higher intelligence and evolution. Offer your gratitude.

Last, but not least, Vedic rituals and Fire Labs to the above planets are divine and speedy technologies for connecting your heart center, other chakras and third eye with the conscious, divine beings behind the planets.

They’re time-tested remedies for lack of motivation, success and joy. As a result, your life will be much happier.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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