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mercury retrograrde again


You have all heard it, “Oh no, Mercury is retrograde!” followed by complaints about malfunctioning media or delays in travels. If you add frequent miscommunication and breakdowns of appliances, we have a scenario for a scary movie.

But is this picture realistic or an exaggeration? After all, Mercury won’t really move backward and only our vantage point on the Earth gives us that impression.

But our fears are both justified and unnecessary.

In fact, Mercury covers irreplaceable features of our 21st century lifestyles that technology, social media, verbal and written communication that can’t be simply ignored. Yet it is our decision whether we will panic when things go wrong or become creative—finding a solution to solve the problem.

When we opt for the latter, needless to say, we realize that much of the chaos supposedly caused by the planetary retrograde is a precious opportunity to learn something new or fix items we have been neglecting.

Mercury rules also calculations, accounting, business and money markets, so we must pay extra attention to these areas until this planet goes direct.

So, below you will find some guidelines to make the time between October 4th and October 25th as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Double check for backup.  Make sure your PC, laptops and tablets are updated and keep copies of all your files.

Reorganize your workplace. If you have been relying on your good memory for finding documents and post-its in a chaotic office environment or in a closet, it may be time to dedicate some time to reorganizing your workplace and information on your electronic devices. This is not a good time to throw out your user manuals.

Postpone buying a phone or laptop. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, wait until after October 25th for purchasing expensive electronics. Because for many years I’ve taken into consideration the periods of Mercury retrograde and got prepared, I never experienced major problems. Until, that is, the day I became overconfident, bought a smartphone in the smack of a retrograde and lived to regret it. I didn’t know that a simple phone could cause so much havoc—no messages were being recorded, I lost all my data twice and needed long periods of online assistance to retrieve it and back it up. I also went back to the store three times for features that didn’t work properly and last, but not least, it turned out that the charger was not the original fitting one but a knock off, so my phone never got fully charged—unthinkable for that reputable brand.

Postpone major investments. The stock market won’t stop during the retrograde of this green Planet, but members of major financial institutions such as J. P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch consult with astrologers before major financial transactions—a strong Mercury in a chart or in transit seems to be a prerequisite for successful investments and profitable returns.  In fact in Vedic astrology, the most crucial planet for making one a millionaire—if not a billionaire—is Mercury.

Mind your words. You can be sure that if a misunderstanding is bound to happen, it will surface during Mercury retrograde. So make an extra effort to speak clearly and to the point and double check your emails.

Don’t jump to conclusions. It’s most likely a good strategy to assume that you heard incorrectly rather then responding forcefully to apparent unkind words.

Relax and see the funny side. Mercury people are usually easy going and have a likable humorous side. So take this time to make light of minor confusion and delays—often there is either a solution or it is not a major problem.

Enjoy the energies!



Lalitha Devi-sm



by Lalitha Devi



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