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Have you been struggling with your finances for longer than you care to admit? Or are your words failing you as you try to devise new ways of doing your work through media? According to Vedic astrology, these are the domains of the planet Mercury.

The second fastest planet, Mercury or Budha (his Sanskrit name), is now in Taurus—until June 26—and your focus will be right on the money and building your assets.

Taurus is the place in the sky that carries energy for luxury, jewelry, home comforts, good foods, art collections and excessive attachments.

Mercury is now traveling in Taurus with Venus and the Sun.

When one of the nine influential planets moves to a different section in the sky, your thoughts shift, too.

At that point, a number of constellations and planetary rays in the galaxy will intersect with your life events in mysterious ways.

Being a gift from the ancient Rishis (or intuitive sages of India), Vedic astrology is said to decode the meaning of seemingly chaotic shifts—but in reality, say the ancient sages, there’s nothing other than perfect order in the universe.

So during this transition from adventure (Aries) to financial stability (Taurus), here for you—some time-tested Vedic technology said to be able to bring you financial prosperity and stability. Because you deserve it.

Planetary help

The Vedic seers told us that planets are living beings.  You can visualize them, invoke them and meditate on them to receive their help.

Images are very powerful and leave a deeply symbolic imprint in your consciousness, which facilitates your understanding of myths’ hidden messages.


Steps to receiving Mercurial benefits2

  • Visualize intellectual Mercury as a green being riding on a horse and carrying an elephant flag.
  • Ask him to help you process data and information quickly and to increase your cash flow.
  • Recite OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA 108 or 54 times to connect with the being behind the green planet and receive his help.

Mercury benefits your business and your day job via your words—whether spoken, written or in cyberspace. Being in control of both marketing and PR, this green planet also makes or breaks a deal.

A powerful Mercury can help you convey to your audience a more effective and appealing message to grow your sales.

A weak Mercury in your chart is supposed to bring you problems with all the above.

Because Mercury rules Virgo, the sign of health, you can also invoke him for help in this area.

According to the Vedic seers, Vishnu, a tremendously powerful, archetypal blue being who preserves and sustains the universe, rules Mercury and its influence on your life.

Appealing to Vishnu with his mantra (or special sounds) is believed to improve both your finances and all things Mercury—technology, communication, trade and research.

Try this

  • Recite the vibrational sounds for connecting with Vishnu: OM NARAYANAYA NAMAHA 108 or 27 times on Wednesdays and during the 11th lunar phases.
  • Visualize Vishnu’s blue body and the gold crown on his head.
  • Visualize him in his celestial travels on Garuda, his humanoid-bird vehicle.
  • Visualize Vishnu sleeping on water lying on a very large snake.

Ganesha is Budha

Some Indian wisdom traditions say that Ganesha, an elephant-headed being of great intelligence, has some of the capacities of Kubera, the treasurer of the Gods said to be able to bring you immense wealth.

One of Ganesha’s names happens to be Budha, the same Sanskrit name of Mercury.

Have you ever been at a crossroads and felt uncertain about the right course of action?

Neuroscientists tell us that the parts of the brain activated during decision making are the anterior cingulate and some powerful neurons—the so-called von Economo.

Unlike most other animals, elephants have the von Economo neurons. And, their formidable memory is due to their larger hippocampus.

The Rishis believed that whatever you focus your attention on, that you become.

So visualizing and meditating on Ganesha is said to magnify your intelligence, granting you better decision making and problem solving.

Try this 

  • Recite the Vedic sounds for invoking Ganesha OM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA 108 or (if you have no time) 27 times.

More advanced Vedic remedies

Have you recently felt an increase of work-related stress? You know, the kind that keeps you up at night.

The causes are likely Saturn and Mars, two malefic planets, now staring at Mercury, Venus and the Sun from Scorpio—a very intense area of the zodiac where fears can get out of control.

Being a slow planet, Saturn is said to delay your achievements and now your finances.

To tap into Mercury’s financial fortunes, the Rishis have provided powerful Vedic technology such as fire rituals—said to remove negativity and delays to bring you financial wealth.

The scriptures maintain that Fire Labs to Mercury, Vishnu, Kubera and Ganesha remove financial struggles and ameliorate the influence of Mercury in your life, improving both your communication and income.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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