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Can you imagine yourself going through your life feeling completely self-confident, powerful and full of vitality? You have no doubts about your capacities and talents and in fact, you feel that you have an innate royalty about you that others easily recognize. You know that you deserve the very best in life and you know how to acquire that.

You also feel a desire to sacrifice yourself for the good of others and—not only does your sacrifice benefit your family and the people who touch your life, but also you witness your standing in society grow accordingly.

So, it’s a win/win.

Too good to be true? Remarkably, it is both true and easy for some people with a strong Sun in their astrological charts, as they already embody this consciousness. But anyone can learn how to better resonate with the Sun’s power, especially when this planet (or star) is transiting in a favorable area of the zodiac.

So here is the good news for all. The Sun will reenter his kingdom on August 17th—transiting in the sign of Leo from where he can bestow upon us his superpowers of confidence, royalty consciousness, generosity and magnificence.

This is a lucky break because for the last month the Sun has been in a Moon-dominated sign, Cancer, which did not highlight the Sun’s power. Imagine his starlight becoming dim and his fire being extinguished by the watery Cancer.

Additionally, the Sun watered down (or even steamed) our loving emotions. And because the Sun represents also the government and your digestive power, even those areas might have caused you some concern.

Though we may deny it, we like power—but as we grow spiritually, we realize that this leadership must be shared in two main ways:

  • By empowering those who are powerless—namely the poor, children and underprivileged women.
  • By sacrificing ourselves without feeling used or diminished.

Now, the Sun’s majesty in Leo can help us and also bring us financial wealth—as it happens every time this luminary transits in one of the four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

So below you will find some easy steps to resonate with this source of unbounded power and acquire prosperity.

  • On the 17th and on Sundays or during the Sun’s ruled time of the day (if you are familiar with Vedic astrology) take a glass (crystal is better if you own one) and go outside (the balcony or garden is fine). Pour the water out three times and each time recite (mentally or aloud):


  • On the August 17th and every Sunday (or during the Sun’s time) take a shower and offer light red or yellow flowers to an image of the Sun. Light a ghee lamp or candle and burn some incense.

Relax and sit comfortably. Ask the mighty Sun to help you become a leader in your chosen work field or to find a job that better highlights your leadership capacities.

You can also ask for better health and an increase in your natural vitality. Say that you want to absorb more energy from his rays and from the foods you eat. Thank him. Remember you are talking to the King, so be polite.

  • On August 17th, ask the Sun for the amount of money you want or need in your life. Promise that you will share this money with the underprivileged. (Make sure to keep your promise when your request is fulfilled.)
  • On August 17th, ask the celestial archetype of wealth, lord Vishnu, to help you increase your bank account. Appeal to him with the vibrational sounds that can access his energy:


Thank lord Vishnu.

Wishing you increased power, higher purity and self-esteem and financial wealth.




by Lalitha Devi

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