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You’ve heard “Money is the root of all evil.” Then you won’t be surprised to hear that some people consider money or the concept of millionaire yoga to be un-spiritual.

Do you? Is there something that prevents you from seeking money at the same time as seeking Self-Realization and God? Or does money tend to disappear as quickly and as miraculously as it arrived? Are you deeply spiritual and motivated to serve but constantly distracted with money problems or living paycheck to paycheck?

Consider Vishnu and his wife, Lakshmi. They have no problem with money. In fact, Vishnu is the God that makes Millionaires:


Wealth and Spirituality are NOT mutually exclusive.

Dr. Pillai wants you to be rich. His wish is that everyone be a millionaire, and this is possible on the Earth Plane. Yet very few spiritual people aspire to become millionaires or even allow themselves to live a life of abundance and freedom that Gods like these offer.

The great founders of world religions, Jesus and the Buddha both favored asceticism, as did the modern saint Ramana Maharshi. If you’ve practiced these kinds of teachings in this life or past lives, you may retain those patterns and attitudes toward wealth. This comes to you in the form of thoughts and tendencies which drive you to recreate past conditions over and over.

In other words … karma, and this specifically would be bad money karma.

Dr. Pillai’s upcoming Millionaire Yoga Retreat at Navatirupati (9 Temples of Vishnu) is designed to completely change your money karma and reprogram your system for a Millionaire’s Consciousness.

Watch Dr. Pillai’s invitation to learn more:


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