One of our most special powertimes of the year is at the end of the Tamil month of Aadi, which we also call the Month of the Goddess. We close out this month with a special prayer offering called Bhagavati Seva, which will be on August 16 this year.

Bhagavati Seva is a very specialized set of offerings dedicated to the Supreme Mother Goddess in the form of Rajarajeswari. She governs prosperity and fertility. Priests who facilitate Bhagavati Seva receive elaborate training and initiations to be able to do so.


Benefits of Participating in Bhagavati Seva May Include:

  • Longevity and good health
  • Material wealth and luxuries
  • Pacification of harmful planetary influences in your Vedic Astrology chart
  • A peaceful and balanced life and environment
  • Destruction of bad karma and dark forces
  • Progeny
  • Positivity and spiritual growth
  • Harmony with cosmic forces and nature


Symbology of Bhagavati Seva

The offerings begin with a drawing of a lotus on the ground, symbolizing the universe. The priests place a lamp in the center and more lamps along the outline.

Within the lotus are the five elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether-Spirit.

The symbology is believed to have profound effects on a participant’s relationship with self, other people, nature, and the entire universe. This harmony may allow participants work in unison with the elements and all beings, destroy antagonistic relationships, and open to receiving wealth and abundance in all its forms.


How to Sponsor Bhagavati Seva Services on August 16 PDT

You are invited to join our priests from anywhere in the world you happen to be. There are multiple packages to choose from to suit your needs and/or budget. You can also tune in to the live webcast.


Sign Up by August 16 at 1:30 a.m. PDT  




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