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pcblog post 8-6-2015 - ut in my lifetime

I have the memory of being a yogi and a Siddha during many lifetimes. But because I now live in the 21st century, I have been struggling to express this knowledge in an idiom that is not scientifically based.

I’ve been using as a medium Yoga, Tantra or Agama, the scriptures that include the worship of images of deities. These are the spiritual traditions of India.

 A Great Opportunity

In the United States, I’ve being doing research and I’ve been exposed to science. For this reason, I see a great opportunity. So, I have decided to merge science and religion and this is the reason why I was born and came back to this earth plane.

 But both religion and science have limitations. The unlimited knowledge present in religion is mostly overlooked by science, because science has a limited perspective.

But science has been evolving thanks to quantum physics and we can now understand religion and science in their relation to each other. Of course, religion is a superior science, but it’s subjected to scientific scrutiny and intellectual understanding.

Changes in My Teachings

So, I’ am at a crossroads in my teachings. This is a very important time for humanity and time is moving very fast, but not as fast as we would like it.

For this reason, our brain must adjust to faster movement as we change our perception of time and space. The pineal gland can greatly help you with this.

dr pillai initiation

In my Ultimate Teaching, my upcoming one-year program starting in September, I intend to teach you how to activate the pineal gland, the ‘third eye’.

This will give you a perception of an accelerated time and also a different perception of space. So you won’t have to live within a slow-time perception and waiting won’t be necessary.

For eons, yogis have known how to get what they needed instantaneously with the help of the third eye.

I will teach you how you can activate your third eye through the help of science and by highlighting Dr. Straussman’s scientific research. He has studied the effects of ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic herb that causes different perceptions of time and space within the pineal gland.

I am not asking you to take ayahuasca, but my Ultimate Teaching will include the knowledge found in this research.

If the brain doesn’t allow miracles to happen, miracles will never happen.

I will also teach you how to put your logical mind at rest to reach a domain where miracles are normal and can happen quickly. This domain is the miracle brain, the so-called  ‘reptilian brain’ or primitive brain that has been in disuse.

In modern times, we have been putting all our attention on the neocortex that gives us the modern understanding of science. But this understanding is not enough, because if the brain doesn’t allow miracles to happen, miracles will never happen.

Miracles belong to a different domain related to time and are beyond logic.  

So we have to activate the midbrain to get a new perception of reality.

Reality is an illusion

Hallucination is not a bad thing per se. In fact the endogenous infrared frequencies within the midbrain can allow you to conceive miracles. I will be talking about all this in the presentation.

Science and religion are incompatible. There are, in fact, two sets of laws represented in the brain by two different parts of the brain: the pituitary gland, or human law, and the pineal gland, or divine law. We need to harmonize the two glands, as well as science and religion.

It’s important to remember that the pineal gland is related to the ‘now’. I have called this process ‘Now-ization’, which focuses on both understanding and using the ‘now’ to experience miracles.

Also, I’ll be explaining how the Holy Spirit is connected with a miracle consciousness.

I am looking forward to talking to you  about all these techniques and I am excited that we can finally move fast in time. And to this effect,  will also share some secret yogic and Siddha techniques.

I look forward to seeing you during the presentation of these teaching during a global event on August 15.

God bless,

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