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Maha Shivaratri 2021 is a very important time period. Yogis from the Himalayas and in other remote parts of the world take advantage of this very important occasion. This is ‘The Night of Siva’—a time when everyone is instilled with the hope of moving into a higher state of consciousness and the perfect time for those who wish to reach enlightenment. This is a time for ordinary beings to remove negative karma from their daily lives and a night of tremendous benefit for everyone.

Hope is the Dream of an Awakened Soul

During Maha Shivaratri it is important to keep vigil. Fasting will help you stay alert. Chant “Om Nama Sivaya” over and over. If you do not meditate for the rest of the year and only meditate on this one night there will be tremendous benefits. Another way of connecting with Shiva is through a “One Minute Meditation”. Recite the sounds “Na, Ma, Si, Va, Ya”. Feel the vibrations seep into the subtle body (the mind, intellect, and ego). Go to YouTube and download or watch the “One Minute Meditation” throughout the night.

With your Actions, You Create Your World

And finally… the pouring of milk and juice over a Siva Lingam is a highly effective way of resonating with Lord Siva – the one who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Keep repeating this practice periodically; say, every hour, it will have immense benefits. This form

of technology can remove obstacles and purify consciousness – it is a very important practice.

If you have access to Bilva or Vilva leaves, use them alongside other flowers during the Night of Savaratri and connect with the energy of Supreme Consciousness.

God Bless,


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