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The Nine Nights of the Goddess begin on September 29th, 2019. Goddess means Shakti. Shakti in Sanskrit stands for female energy which emits a stronger vibration than male energy. A man can only induce pregnancy, it is the woman who carries the fertilized sperm. The woman has creative energy—the womb is considered the most powerful Shakti. Womb energy is available during Navratri.

I have re-introduced the Goddess Angali who has superhuman powers; she can perform miracles. Jesus Christ said, “I can teach you to perform miracles.”  We are all capable of performing them, but as humans, we cannot comprehend such a thing. Miracles do not belong to the realm of the mind, rationality or science; they belong to the domain of the soul.

Pillai Center, Goddess

The Goddess Angali Gives Easily

I want you to participate in the Navratri program as it will allow you to understand Angali and gain a higher state of consciousness. It will bypass all your PhDs and MD’s. If you want to give and receive an unlimited source of money, you have to go to the Divine.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg have all made big money. The billionaires and multi-billionaires of this world are successful because of their intelligence and their ability to connect with the Divine.

Whether you are educated or uneducated, you can become successful provided you know how to access Divine energy. That is the most important thing.

The Nine Nights of the goddess miracles are very important. Take advantage of this very powerful feminine energy which descends to the Earth, and benefit from its great blessings.

God Bless.

— Dr. Pillai

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