Powertime: Invoke Veera Ganapathi Ganesha for Courage & Victory

 Monday, April 22 PDT

“Well ahead of time, Ganesha gives the opportunity for everyone to understand: ‘What is an obstacle’, and how his special intelligence can be employed to remove obstacles which you cannot even conceive of, because you confront obstacles only after they occur. You don’t know how they can be stopped, even before they come. That is a special intelligence, and Ganesha has that intelligence.” – Dr. Pillai


Ganesha is the elephant-headed Ultimate Obstacle Removal Archetype. He is lightning fast with results. 4th and 14th Moons are Ganesha’s strongest regular powertimes, when he is most accessible.

On this particular 4th Waning Moon, we will invoke Ganesha in his forms as Veera Ganapathi, which is also spelled Vira Ganapathi, and Sankashta Hara Ganapathi.


Veera Ganapathi: The Ganesha of Courage

Veera is believed to be the “Valiant Warrior” Ganesha who protects devotees and gives them courage. The obstacle of fear is a major force behind a lot of obstacles. His 16 arms carry several weapons. They include a goad, discus, bow, arrow, sword, club, hook, shield, spear, mace, battle axe, trident, hammer, Nagapasha (serpent noose), and victory flag.

On this day, the Moon will be in Jyeshta, a star of courage and conflict resolution, adding power to Veera Ganapathi’s presence within us.


Sankashta Hara Ganapathi: A Powerful Obstacle-Destroyer Form of Ganesha

Sankashta Hara Ganapathi is the 32nd of 32 forms of Ganesha. The Vedic priests will invoke this form of Ganesha, and Veera Ganapathi, on the first 4th Waning Moon of the Vedic New Year.

According to scriptures, chanting the sacred hymn, Ganesha Pancharatnam, combined with Fire Prayers, can bring the following blessings:

  • Destroy obstacles and suffering
  • Bestow happiness, intelligence, and divine wisdom
  • Relieve you from diseases and vices
  • Destroy inner demons such as ego & jealousy
  • Give you a good spouse and progeny
  • Grant you longevity and eight supernormal powers
  • Provide you with immense wealth and prosperity
  • Fulfill your desires
  • Grant you liberation from the birth and death cycle



Just say Gum. It’s pronounced like bubble gum. This is Ganesha’s Bija, or seed syllable mantra. Add an Om to it if you wish: Om Gum.

Use Ganesha’s Maha Mantra: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm gum gah-nah-pah-tye-YAY NAH-mah-hah.

For maximum benefits from these mantras: Chant them as much as you can. Ideally, when your “mind becomes mantra,” you’re on the right track.



Join the Increase Courage and Confidence Interactive Fire Lab on Monday, April 22 PDT. The Vedic priests will invoke Veera Ganapathi for courage and confidence through all of life’s difficulties. Enjoy the benefits from anywhere in the world, and tune in live via webcast. Join now to add your name and birth star to the participant list.

Join the Sankashta Hara Ganapathi Fire Prayers to Smash Obstacles, Gain Success, and Emerge Victorious on Monday, April 22 PDT. These are very special events for invoking blessings for an obstacle-free Vedic New Year.

Remove your worst, and most persistent, karma with an Emergency Karma Clinic on April 22 IST. These are special individual ceremonies performed at a Ganesha powerspot in India, and only on 4th and 14th Moon days. If there is one incredibly stubborn problem that you repeatedly experience in your life, and you’ve tried everything to change it, you may want to give “Dr. Ganesha” a call by signing up at the link above. Much of your karma is in the form of unconscious, repetitive thought patterns. Ceremonies can fix problems in those hard-to-reach places where karma resides, especially ones that invoke Ganesha.


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