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First of all, I want to bring it to the attention of people that Rama is not only a Hindu God, but he has had several incarnations (Divine human forms). There are Hindu sources that validate it.

There is one source that is very, very compelling to me. That is a God, a man who became a God. His name is Ramtha. He is being channeled by J.Z. Knight. Although there is a lot of controversy about J.Z. Knight, the teaching is superb. The teaching does come from Rama, and Ramtha himself also admits that he was the Hindu God Rama in one of his incarnations.

People who want to know more about Rama within the Hindu Tradition should look at a text called Yoga Vaisishta, where Rama and Vaisishta are in conversation about reality and how we create our reality.

The Power of Rama’s Name

Rama is a sound that can give you everything that you want. It’s the sound that Gandhi used for his power. Even when he was shot dead, he was only saying: Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram. He had a tremendous amount of power. Gandhi is remembered for his power, his consciousness, and his dedication. His achievements are incredible. With the power received by chanting this great mantra; he led the first successful non-violent struggle for freedom.

Look at Hanuman, the Monkey God. He got all of his power from the sound Ram. When he was building a bridge from Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka, he had a tremendous amount of power to go and carry huge pieces of rock. He would lift them up, and then he would throw them into the ocean. Before he threw them, he would just write the name of Rama on them. The rocks started floating. It was the power of Rama. I’ve also seen pictures of Hanuman tearing open his chest, and in his heart was the word Rama. Rama is a very, very powerful word.

It is widely believed that Ramanaama (i.e. Rama’s name) is more powerful than Sri Rama himself. In India, it is common to see people greeting each other by saying Rama’s name. It is one of the most powerful spiritual names one is yet to come across.

Just Say Rama Rama Rama

Whenever you feel sad and feel that your energy has drained completely, start chanting Rama, again and again. It’s pronounced RAH-mah. The sound will completely take over, and then it will stop your bad karma. If you want quick results, just say Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama.

If you go on saying that, you’ll be hypnotized on a psychological level. You are empowering yourself with the greatest mantra – Rama. Gradually you will realize the transformation you are undergoing because of chanting the Rama mantra.

I want all of you to practice it. I have given it as an Initiation because a mantra becomes powerful only when you receive it from a Guru. The mantra’s power, combined with the guru’s blessings, will prove to be a life-changing experience for you. Now you have the complete blessings to use the Sound. From now on, it will work wonders and will liberate you from all negativity.

Raghavendra’s Sri Moola Mantra Meditation for Miracles

There was a famous saint called Raghavendra in India, who lived about 500 years ago. He was a great devotee of Rama. Sri Raghavendra managed to get three divine statues of Rama, and they came from Heaven. These statues are worshipped as per the Tradition of Madhvas, a famous philosophy started by Madhvacharya.

For Raghavendra, Rama Nama miracles mantra is the source for his enlightenment, the source for his ultimate power. He was even able to raise the dead to come back to life with the sound of Rama. All his miracles, he attributed to Rama. He said, “I was able to chant (rama namam chanting). Because of this, I was able to get the power to do all of these miracles.” Raghavendra admitted that.

If a great saint like him attributes his power and miracles of chanting ram naam powerful mantra, think how much power you can accumulate with its help and give a positive turnaround to your life.

Method to Say Rama Mantra

Sit in a relaxed position. Keep your mind positive. Now, receive the sounds all over the body. Particularly receive them in your eyes, in your brain, ears, tongue, mouth, and the skin – all over the body and inside, even inside the blood. Below are the Ram mantras for miracles, courage, and victory.

Sri Moola Ramo Vijayate

(shree MOO-lah RAH-mo vee-JAH-yah-tay)

Dhig Vijaya Ramo Vijayate

(dig vee-JAH-yah RAH-mo vee-JAH-yah-tay)

Sri Jaya Ramo Vijayate

shree JAH-yah RAH-mo vee-JAH-yah-tay)

Shiva Rama  

(SHEE-vah RAH-mo)

Shiva Rama

Shiva Rama

Shiva Ramo


Rama Mantra for Success, Courage, & Victory

Sri Ram

(shree rahm)

Jaya Ram

(JAH-yah rahm)

Jaya Jaya Ram


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