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When we awaken the limitless possibilities that are readily available we place our lives in the hands of the feminine spirit and receive her benefits.



 “If you don’t have miracles in your life, it is because you have failed to recognize the Goddess. She is here as an archetypal presence in the unconscious. Timing is important. The upcoming Nine Nights of the Goddess is when she descends onto the Earth plane. Is she alive? Is she a presence? Yes. She is a presence; she has a form, and she is descending.” – Dr. Pillai

The following mantras can help you to form a connection with the Goddess Durga in her nine different forms. Tune into these different levels of intelligence on each night of Navaratri. To deny her means missing out on raw power.


Navaratri First Day

On this day, pay homage to the Goddess Shailaputri who is described as the absolute form of Mother Nature. This is the first goddess to be venerated during Navaratri.

The mantra set aside for her is:

Om Hreem Shri Shailaputri Durgaaye Namaha

Chant these powerful sounds over and over. When you can float through a chaotic mind and remain unattached, you can reach the finer, subtler realms of the goddess who can gently eradicate all forms of suffering and distress. 


Navaratri Second Day

Prayers and meditation are set aside for the Goddess Brahmacharini today – the one who represents wisdom, loyalty, love and divine knowledge.

The mantra to resonate with her is:

Om Hreem Shri Brahamacharini Durgaaye Namaha

These are sound vibrations for tapping into the supernatural power of the Goddess Brahmacharini who can help us to move forward in life without becoming disheartened by the many challenges that come our way. She is said to bestow great emotional strength, grit and determination to those who connect to her.


Navaratri Third Day

Strive to connect with the Goddess Chandraghanta today. The sound of the crescent moon on her forehead is said to protect the worshipper from evil spirits and enemies.

Om Hreem Shri Chandra Ghanta Durgaaye Namaha

When this mantra penetrates the core of your very being and you float on waves of bliss, the goddess is at work dispelling the parts of your being that are hurt or broken, replacing them with inner light, peace and joy.


Navaratri Fourth Day

Worship is given on this day to the Goddess Kushmanda. When you bask in the soul of the cosmos and your heart beats in line with the rhythm of the Mother of Life, the goddess is said to instill the worshipper with light. This pure form of energy will remove dark vibrations linked to loss, disappointment and scarcity.

Om Hreem Shri Kushmanda Durgaaye Namaha

The mantra is capable of bestowing happiness, brightness, creativity, enthusiasm, spiritual fulfillment, prosperity and harmony in life.


Navaratri Fifth Day

Honoring the Goddess Skanda Mata on this,the fifth day can help to remove past sins.

Om Hreem Shri Skanda Mata Durgaaye Namaha

Connect with the sound and form of this mantra and the world will fall away. In this space, the goddess will graciously accept your human faults and weaknesses. All blockages to wealth and success will be cleansed, helping you to attract prosperity and good luck into your life.


Navaratri Sixth Day

Today is set aside for the worship of Goddess Katyayana; in this form, she has the power to instill courage, knowledge, and strength.

The mantra for Katyana is:

Om Hreem Shri Katyayani Durgaaye Namaha

Repeat over and over to align with the energy of success, prosperity, creativity and power. Feel her magnetic pull – breathe in the energy of this goddess and take in the gift of personal power, abundance and joy.


Navaratri Seventh Day

Devi Kaalaratri is worshipped today – feel the warmth of her presence, she is capable of empowering the worshipper with divine light.

The mantra dedicated to her the Goddess Kaalaratri is:

Om Hreem Shri Kaala Ratri Durgaaye Namaha

The chanting of these words can have a powerful impact when the worshipper sacrifices all mind-chatter to the mantra – feel her divine energy above your head, filling your mind with the things that you desire the most in your business or personal life – invoking a feeling of flow and harmony, allowing you to contribute to the world in a way that is most beneficial to you.


Navaratri Eighth Day

Goddess Maha Gauri is worshipped today – this is the goddess who helps remove any stains attached to the soul. The liberator of all restrictions we have placed upon ourselves.

The mantra for this Goddess is:

Om Hreem Shri Maha Gauri Durgaaye Namaha

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike

Sharanyei Trymbake Gauri Narayani Namosthute

When you give yourself entirely to this goddess, she is said to reciprocate by creating a pure and liberated state of mind. If your spirit is ready for Maha Gauri you will be rewarded with perfection in all areas of life as you radiate with true knowledge, enlightenment, spiritual bliss and peace of mind.


Navaratri Ninth Day

The last day of Navaratri is devoted to the worship of Goddess Siddhidatri; the remover of ignorance, greed, procrastination and darkness.

The mantra for this goddess is:

Om Hreem Shri Siddhidatri Durgaaye Namaha

When you allow the energy of the Goddess to surround and flow through you, it is said that you become indistinguishable from her. When you are open to this sacred female energy, doorways of opportunity fling open. She will expand the consciousness from within: you will become energized with the light of a brighter, happier, prosperous and peaceful future. She understands each and every one of us individually and is aware of our capabilities through her divine vision.

Take advantage of the Nine Nights of Navaratri and invoke the energy of the goddesses – they will follow and protect you.

Dr. Pillai is quoted as saying:

We need divine intervention. We need somebody to hold our hands, someone, who has great intelligence and knowledge to foresee what is going to happen”.


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