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Dr. Pillai discusses the Guru concept that exists in some form or another within all spiritual traditions and why westerners can have trouble relating.


“How to relate to a personal Guru and surrender to him?

You see this concept of the Guru is very important to the Indian tradition.

There is this chant which says,

Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshat Para Brahma

Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

… which means Guru is the creator God, Guru is the protector God and Guru is the God of destruction.

Guru is everything and Guru is God in human form.

This is accepted within the Indian tradition especially for those who seek enlightenment and then the Guru is everything.

But in the West this is a very difficult concept.

How can I surrender to a Guru?

And this is impossible because here liberty and self-esteem are the key concepts. Why would you want to surrender to anyone?

Just go to Jesus himself. Jesus himself had a difficult time dealing with this.

If you read the bible, the New Testament, all the time Jesus said, how can you accomplish things… or gain eternal life?

It is just by loving the man that God had sent to the Earth plane and then doing everything in his name.

In Christianity, the most important figure is Christ and you give everything to Christ. And then take him as your personal savior.

When you accept Jesus as your personal savior then everything happens.

So most people have difficulty with that concept too because that is similar to the concept of surrendering to the Guru.

Christianity has become the major world religion. The spokespersons of this great tradition have surrendered themselves to Jesus. That’s why everything is done in the name of Jesus.

It’s not a high philosophy; it’s very simple!

If you just do everything in my name, it will be done. That’s why, “in the name of Jesus I am doing this…”

Then it’s not that you do but Jesus does things for you.

You have to somehow come to terms with it. Intellectually it’s not resolvable. It cannot be resolved.

It can be resolved only through Divine grace.

When grace come upon you, then you will be able to surrender.

And then the way you do it is through charity work. Just go on feeding people, hungry people. Then you will find that something is happening because God will give you that consciousness.

Because feeding is God’s work and you are doing his work. Preventing people from dying of thirst and hunger, that is the solution for most of our material as spiritual problems.”

– Dr. Pillai


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