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Watch Dr Pillai’s NEW video for a Sun Gayathri Chant/Meditation to do on Monday, December 21st at 8:49 p.m. PST/ 11:49 p.m. EST. Tap into the Sun’s power at the exact right time on the Winter Solstice….and keep doing it through February 15, 2016.

If you feel sadness during the holiday season, it may be the Divine telling you to go deep within and connect with God. Feelings of longing for things and/or sadness are a signal to let go of the longing and redirect it as a longing to experience the Divine. When we have the Divine as our best friend, then everyone else will want to be our best friend!

Dr. Pillai says if you are feeling bad and having a hard time meditating, then go do a good deed, watch a funny movie, talk to a stranger on the street. In other words, get out of your funk and see how much you really have. You will see the change! The God consciousness inside you will reveal itself!

For more tips and mantras to improve your finances, relationships, and health, watch Dr. Pillai’s Holiday Message, which aired on December 19th.

if you are unable to physically go and feed people, clothe the homeless or otherwise help those who have less than us, then Dr. Pillai has given a great opportunity to help. Go to the Tripura Foundation and donate what you can. In addition to helping the poorest people on the planet, you will be helping your own karma!

If you would like to donate to the flood relief effort for the people of Chennai, visit Tripura Foundation. Designate “HoPE for Chennai” when you make the donation.

Each survival pack provides 2 weeks of food, hygiene items, along with fresh clothes and dry mat for extremely impoverished people who lost what little they had in the flood.One pack costs just $30. Even if you can’t give $30, whatever you can give will go a long way. You can even donate in someone’s name as a gift. Watch the video: https://tinyurl.com/nkjol6k

Enjoy Vaikunta Ekadasi on December 20 – 21st, when Vishnu opens up the vault of the heavens.

Dr. Pillai will be airing Jesus’s Birthday Webcast on Christmas. In the webcast you will learn about Jesus’s true divine teachings of how to get the Holy Spirit inside of you and awake the Christ Consciousness within.

Enjoy a FREE interactive Christmas Divinity Fire Lab.

On December 26th, Dr. Pillai will be airing Shiva’s Birthday Webcast. The sun and the moon are opposing astrologically and astronomically and that this is the time to recreate yourself. The sun represents our soul and the moon represents our mind, so this is a day that our mind and our soul are in alignment. He will give us a meditation to access the energy of Shiva to transform our bodies, minds and souls.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation and Q&A Discussion.

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