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remove negative thoughts


Remove Negative Thoughts & Attract Prosperity With Shreem Brzee 

Dr. Pillai: If you look at your thoughts, most of them are stupid, meaning that they are negative and not productive. Why is that? It is because that is the nature of the mind.

The nature of the mind is to crank thought after thought without any purpose. You will succeed if you just focus on Shreem Brzee and never allow the other thoughts to come in. The thoughts will come because they are automatic and autonomous, whereas Shreem Brzee is not. But if you keep saying ‘Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee,’ after half an hour you will see that it will take over and the other thoughts will be lost. Once Shreem Brzee takes over, then it is easy to keep ‘Shreem Brzee’ in your mind.

It is a very simple exercise. Allow the thoughts to come in, but keep thinking ‘Shreem Brzee.’ A day will come when Shreem Brzee will be fully established in your mind. That is when you can see results come in fairly quickly. So, try this. Do not do it as a meditation – just an observation. Whenever thoughts come, come back to ‘Shreem Brzee. Go on like this for half an hour.

I have plans to make Shreem Brzee a global movement to remove negative thoughts and activate our wealth consciousness.


Shreem Brzee Brings Prosperity 

Shreem Brzee is a prosperity mantra, which gives you prosperity consciousness. Prosperity consciousness is a prerequisite for prosperity because everything starts from the sound. Consciousness arises out of the sound. Matter arises out of sound. Shreem Brzee is responsible for prosperity consciousness.

The sound ‘Shreem Brzee’ is also the sound of a Divine being, the Goddess. The Goddess behind the sound is [Lakshmi], the Goddess of wealth. Whether you believe in the Goddess or not, she does exist, like angels exist.

We need miracles because, logically, there is no easy way out of our problems. Shreem Brzee really comes in handy here because it does not need any of these logical prerequisites for you to remove negative thoughts and build up prosperity consciousness. Shreem Brzee can do it.

Go on saying ‘Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee’ and build up your consciousness. I have given a lot of different meditations for Shreem Brzee. There are different courses available for Shreem Brzee in which I have taught many techniques to get it streamlined into the system – into the body, mind, and soul.

You have a responsibility only to find the time and make a commitment to repeat the sound or hear the sound so that you become Shreem Brzee yourself – and the mind, body, and soul are filled with the sound. Once you have done that, then you have built prosperity consciousness. You do not want to stop it because you do not want to stop your prosperity. You just keep doing it. You may see that transition taking place. Once you have prosperity consciousness, then you can attract prosperity.

Commit to the practice of Shreem Brzee and join the community. There is already a community available for Shreem Brzee. Become part of this Shreem Brzee community and once you do that, you will see that because of the sound, we are able to create this prosperity consciousness – which attracts new opportunities. That is the mechanism of action for Shreem Brzee. 


Immerse Yourself In 8 Weeks of Training, Remedies, and Meditation with Shreem Brzee

Reality is what you make of it. It is natural to desire more abundance. ‘Shreem Brzee’ can help with the process. These sounds have done miracles for many people.” – Dr. Pillai 

Dr. Pillai teaches that immersing yourself in the Shreem Brzee mantra can transform your mind to achieve wealth creation. By learning to facilitate personal success through fully immersive and interactive events and rituals, you will have the necessary knowledge to experience long-term results.







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