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While all planets carry out our karma (or the results of our past actions) through our thoughts, Saturn—the planet of karma par excellence—turned direct on July 20 EDT, after four months of retrograde motion.

If you have felt stuck and watched yourself going through seemingly endless obstacles and delays, it was most likely due to Saturn’s retrograde motion.

Even non-astrologers know that Saturn can make life difficult, but many don’t realize that Saturn brings some long-term benefits that no other planet can bestow.

True—Saturn is the slowest of the nine planets in the Vedic astrology system—therefore its influence can only be ignored at our peril. But here is the good news—this planet is now exalted, meaning operating in an auspicious and intelligent way, and acquiring strength in direct motion. This means that Saturn will grant us the perseverance we need to make our work productive and successful and make sure you stick to the necessary rules to make it big.

Many of our cherished goals fail because we give up, become intimidated or encounter overwhelming red tape.

So, here are a few ideas on how to receive Saturn’s positive vibes and make progress in your work and many other areas of your life.

  • On Saturdays, donate some money or some time to help elderly or disabled people. You can also donate some new black clothes to the underprivileged.

  • On Saturdays and especially on June 20th, after taking a shower, offer some blue flowers and fruits to an image of Saturn. If possible, light a sesame oil lamp (or candle) and some incense. Offer them humbly.

  • Sit quietly and visualize Saturn in your mind with your eyes closed. Consider the areas of your life where you need some help and for which you have been working hard without the results you hoped for. Ask for help.

  • Admit your mistakes briefly and vow to not repeat them in the future. Ask for forgiveness.

  • Use Saturnine sounds–a mantra with powerful vibrations to connect with Saturn in a language that can access the benevolence of this planet: OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA (108 or 27 times).

  • Feel the sounds going through your mind and body and their vibration in every cell of the body and brain.

  • Trust that when you respect the unique energy of Saturn, much of the harshness of its lessons will be softened and his help will follow abundantly. Thank him.

Enjoy the energies!





by Lalitha Devi



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