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Saturn’s move to Sagittarius on January 26, 2017 is really good news.

Of course, a complete description of Saturn changing areas of the sky can fill up a book, as this massive celestial body can turn your life around or upside down—sometimes with nothing in between.

So for reasons of brevity, here for you the three main reasons you’re about to get a lot happier—no matter what Saturn rules in your life and what projects and dreams you hold dear. You’ll definitely like these changes and it’s about time.

A much better attitude

I don’t need to tell you that you’ve seen a few intense moments during Saturn’s passage through the emotional and secretive constellation of Scorpio for the last two and half years.

You’ve probably felt some tension on a personal level and gained insights, probably the hard way, of your deepest fears and true needs. Those you’ve been keeping to yourself for a long time.

Saturn in fact displayed his might to bust open our consciousness and shake us up to the point that we feel new in inexplicable ways.

So now that we have a clean slate, new tastes and hopes, our outlook will be a lot more optimistic, idealistic and even spiritual.

Of course, all the planets and stars are spiritual, their noble goal being to awaken us, heighten our awareness and reveal our karmic imprints, mindsets and behaviors.

Sagittarius is ruled by benevolent Jupiter—the most intelligent and wisest planet, according to the Tamil Siddhas, Dr. Pillai’s yogic lineage from South India, and the Vedas.

On the one hand, Jupiter is both the teacher to the Gods and humanity and embodies the space element of transcendence, higher wisdom, inspiring principles and ideas to improve your life on material and spiritual levels. Moreover, Jupiter gives us faith and trust in our Source.

On the other hand, Saturn rules maturity. Dr. Pillai says that Saturn matures the soul and brings us practical wisdom. The way Saturn chooses to deliver his lessons depends vastly on your karma and actions.

Often Saturn’s lessons hurt, yet never fail to deliver the point—you need to be humble, do your work, be of service to others and follow the rules.

From Sagittarius, this much softer Saturn will turn your eyes skyward. Your work will be more inspiring and fear will be reduced. You’ll find new motivation for launching your projects—especially if these are about becoming the best you can be and educating others to reach their potential.

Fearless motivation

You know that holding back can lead to missed opportunities.

Imagine someone offering you a new job. Immediately you’re taken aback and fear moving to another city, leaving behind your favorite coffee shop or your apartment.

Ok, sometimes changes are a bit more substantial than the above, but if you’ve been dissatisfied and you’re about to lose hope that you can ever be happy, change might be your best option.




Now that fear-inducing Saturn turns more hopeful from Sagittarius, traveling and learning can restore your enthusiasm. And, needless to say, you can’t see improvements in your situation when you keep the same routine and mindset.

So you might want to take a deep breath, trust in your higher self and embrace new opportunities.

If no one is offering you one, the fire of Sagittarius will help you take action and increase your contacts, research and skills.

Trust in the Divine

We’re modern, skeptical and proud of it. Ancient populations spent much time outside, connected with nature and sensed the existence of celestial beings.

Some even wrote about their encounters with different divine archetypes—depending on their cultural backgrounds.

The Vedas describe the so-called Gods riding in vehicles resembling spaceships and using their supernormal powers to rescue devoted and righteous humans.

Saturn will fix his glance (or aspect) on Aquarius, a sign of social innovations, research and networks. Also on Gemini, a sign of Mercury. The ancient seers associated this area of the sky with communication and business strategies. The third glance from Saturn will reach Virgo, Mercury’s other sign of ideas, details and health.

Saturn can both benefit you by escalating your efforts in the above fields or hinder you by bringing delays.

Saturn is strict and enforces societal rules. His relationship with compassionate and transcendent Jupiter is neutral or lukewarm. So Jupiter can’t completely change the nature of Saturn and your focused work and righteousness will be fundamental for your success.   

If you’re feeling stuck in any of these areas, praying to Hanuman, a powerful archetype said to be able to control Saturn, is king among Vedic remedies for receiving help from the planet of longevity and working classes.

Fire Labs or fire rituals to both Saturn and Hanuman are said to bring new opportunities for career miracles and money increase—and can remove painful hurdles.

For everyone, the traditional sounds for appealing to Saturn’s positive side can further remove unnecessary waiting and work related stress. So reciting OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA on Saturdays will lessen stresses and difficulties.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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