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“There are now so many people talking, whether they are politicians or whether they are spiritual people, they’re both against money.

Have you ever seen a politician talking about the prosperity of people?

No. He will never talk about that. Or the religious people, they will never talk about prosperity.

But the truth remains that when you receive money, when you receive a bonus, or an increment, or somebody gives you a gift, how do you feel?


You feel life bubbling forth. There is inherent joy. Why there is joy? Because money, joy, and life are synonyms.

Why People Talk Against Money

The politicians, the economists, and even most of the religious people (the gurus and others), why they talk against money is because they know they cannot provide money to everyone, because they don’t know a way.

Then you read any scriptures for that matter, they all put down money. But they all end up rich.

The politicians become rich, the religious people become rich, but then their teaching doesn’t talk about money.

The Truth is Money Lights You Up

As far as I know, I’m the only guy who comes out and tells you the truth. This will be you: pass by a beggar, and you just give a $100 bill to him. You will see him, his eyes will light up.

Maybe a billionaire will light up only when you give $100 million dollars, because for him $100 dollars doesn’t matter.


But the truth of the matter is that money lights you up. Why? Because it is Shreem.

Money is Shreem.

The word for money, which is not the dollar bill, but real money which is gold, is Shreem.  It is the sound of life.

The sound of life, the sound of prana, is Shreem. And when you begin to live that sound, that is when you are going to experience the creative process.

God Bless,”

Dr. Pillai

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