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During a recent webinar, Priest Premaraja shared secrets of the six chakras, leading up to the Skanda Shasti 2021 powertime.




Dr. Pillai Explains Secrets of the 6 Chakras


“In Southern India, where I come from, the six days of Skanda Shasti are associated with the six chakras in the body. Now I am going to give you a brief description of what these chakras are and the powers that are associated with them.


  1. Mooladhara (Root Chakra): The first chakra which is the root chakra, is the chakra of utmost power and it is very difficult for human beings to get the power of this chakra. Only people who have had the practice of this chakra in several lifetimes or they are like the angels—they can activate the chakra. It converts energy into matter.
  2. Svadhisthana (Sex Chakra): This chakra is responsible for our sensory mind and mundane thoughts. It is the originator of karma. This is a very important chakra that everybody has to conquer. This particular chakra is responsible for all goofiness and wasting of our energy. You will be able to overcome the five senses, maya, and the mind.
  3. Manipura (Navel Chakra): This chakra is associated with redemption from ignorance of karma, and it is from this chakra that you can acquire power—physical and spiritual power, Siddhi powers. They are all located at this chakra.
  4. Anahata (Heart Chakra): Heart chakra is important because it’s all about love, relationship, joy – the earth plane is known for love. That is why the souls keep coming to the earth plane. This chakra will attract great relationships with human beings, and with God.
  5. Vishuddha (Throat Chakra): The throat chakra is responsible for your karma. The memories are all stored in your throat chakra. Pain, which is due to bad karma, diseases—they are all in the throat chakra. For the Christians, it is Adam’s apple. For the Hindus, it is the poison that Shiva consumes to help the Devas or the angels. It is very important to master this chakra.
  6. Agya/Ajna (3rd Eye Chakra): The pineal gland is the 3rd Eye. This chakra is considered the birthplace for Muruga. Muruga came out of the 3rd Eye of Lord Shiva. He was not born out of sex. He was born out of Shiva moving his energy from the first chakra, Mooladhara, up through all the chakras, and then going to the 3rd Eye chakra. You can command things to happen once you have opened this chakra. It will alter your consciousness. You will become omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.


The celebration of Skanda Shasti is meant to awaken these chakras and raise your kundalini to the 3rd Eye. It is the most auspicious time to do this.” – Dr. Pillai 


Awaken Your Six Chakras During Skanda Shasti 2021


You are warmly invited to join Pillai Center’s 2021 Skanda Shasti program to receive 6 days of chakra empowerment, including a rare 3rd Eye Initiation from Dr. Pillai on the final night. Click the link below to learn more about the program offerings and to complete your enrollment.


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