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One of the many gifts of Vedic astrology originates in the fact that not everything happens on the physical plane of existence. In fact, our very consciousness is due to planetary influences in our lives. The planets’ rays and gravitational pull can ‘make us or break us.’

So, it is a great fortune that we are able to identify what is happening in the sky to take steps and make the best of the available energies. And, lucky you, May has many blessings in store–both on the material and the spiritual levels.

There are currently three planets in their strong signs of exaltation–the Sun in Aries, Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Libra. This is both rare and auspicious. It is said that planets in their exaltation signs are “awake,” meaning that they bring us understanding in their respectively ruled areas. We can then manifest what has been missing in our lives, or at least identify the existing obstacles to remove them.

And, we all know that knowledge is power.

The other great news is that, this month, both Saturn and Venus are making some auspicious ‘yogas’ (or combinations) due to the Moon’s transit in certain signs. And, these yogas are occurring several times in May.

So, expect major help in matters of wealth and luxury, in the case of Venus on May 3, May 11, May 17 and May 23. These days are perfect for shopping for valuables or clothes or for romance.

The vibrational sounds to access Venus are:


In the case of Saturn, you can receive this planet’s special assistance in matters of career and even wealth on May 13, May 20, and May 26.

Ask Saturn to bless you by pacifying his energy with the following sounds:


Enjoy the energies.



by Lalitha Devi

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