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Yogic Neuroscience

When we tap on the forehead, starting from here and going upwards, you are activating the Midbrain; I said, particularly the pituitary and the pineal glands.

This is not Western neuroscience.

I just spoke to one of the top Western neuroscientists, and he said there is no cognitive function associated with the pituitary or with the pineal gland.

I have great respect for Western science, but it is limited. But what I am talking about is Yogic neuroscience.

Yogic Time

Remember I talked about the concept called ‘Truti’, which is the 3,240,000th of a second. And that is the measurement of Time for the Yogis. And you have to finish chanting a Mantra, thinking a Mantra or using a Mantra within that Truti time, which is 3,240,000th of a second.

Spiritual Science is Profound & Useful

There are a lot of subtleties that Western science is not able to study because of their orientation toward the material sciences. Western sciences are primarily materialistic, so it’s called material science. Spiritual science is a lot more profound and useful.

Plant Science

For instance, here, I was attracted to this plant. This is called the Vinca Rosea plant. Nitya Kalyani is the Tamil name. You know, we never used it for a long time. We are now beginning to understand it. Our chemotherapy medicine, Vinblastine, is coming from this plant.

Call to Unite Material & Yogic Science

I’m mentioning this as a call to the scientists in India. Because there are increasingly more people in India watching this, to go and combine these two sciences.

On the one hand, there are the scientists and on the other hand, there are Yogis. And they both live in their own world. Einstein said religion without science is blind and science without religion is lame. So we have to bring them together and that’s exactly what we are doing.

Poverty & Prosperity are States of Mind

My own concern is only, as I have mentioned in yesterday’s presentation, that poverty is a state of mind and prosperity is a state of mind.

To be more precise, it is different parts of the brain becoming dominant. The poverty people have a brain that is dominant in certain areas. And vice versa. So, the purpose of this program is how to help people to have a prosperity brain. There is a prosperity brain which is not negative.

Don’t become a victim of the givens. The givens are bad. We know that. We are not born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

We can really go and then open the brain that we have not been using. It’s very useful for us to use that brain so we can go into a brain that is a lot more powerful. And this particular practice is very useful for that.

Meditation Tapping Midbrain Activation Practice

And let’s go and do the practice. Close your eyes.

I’m going to tap, tap, tap.

First do it.

One — Feel the Energy going into the Brow Chakra.

Brow Chakra is between the two eye brows.

Two — Feel it. You have to feel it.

Three — When you feel it, you can even see the Kundalini rising from the bottom of the Spine.

I’m going to the Crown Chakra.

One — Feel it. Embrace it.






Keep feeling it. Keep feeling it. And slowly, slowly open your eyes.

God bless.

I will see you tomorrow.

dr pillai sig



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