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The Mind is Difficult to Control

Why is it hard for people to meditate? The short answer to the question is the ‘Monkey Mind.’ The mind is very difficult to control. The meditation techniques were developed to control the mind, but unfortunately there aren’t any meditation techniques that can silence the mind except the one that we have been experimenting, and then a lot of people have good results with it. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time and nothing happens. All that you have to do is, even if you are a novice and you have not meditated in all of your life…

Midbrain Tapping Technique

Just close your eyes. I am going to do that now.

And then go Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap

And Feel.

Start from here. 1,2,3,4….

And if you want to have a deeper experience, just tap with the nail

And hit it hard

And then Feel

You will definitely get into a deeper state

Midbrain Mind Tapping = Science + Meditation

How do you know? The science behind it, just if you have a device like this, you can really see your brain waves go to at least Theta, and that’s how you know scientifically that you have gone at least to that level. That’s why I want to combine science and meditation. You know, you can see. Once you see, your mind goes: “Oh my God.” You can see the meter going into the Theta state very quickly. That’s why you have to do this. From now on you are going to do it very systematically, the “Midbrain Mind Tapping.” I want to call this: “Midbrain Mind Tapping.”

And why are we doing this? Because the conflict is in this area, the Frontal Lobe, and the resolution is the Midbrain. The conflict, let me repeat it, the conflict is in the Frontal Lobe. The resolution, and then getting calm, is in this area.

Midbrain Mind Tapping Meditation Exercise

Now we are going to do step by step.

The first step is just Tap, start Tapping with the nail, and move up

Go slowly, go slowly

Go slowly and go to the very top of the forehead.

Stop, and Feel.

Again go, 1, Tap, Tap, Tap. Don’t go fast.

Feel it.

Feel the brain exploding. The whole body will respond to it.

Again, start from the bottom, and then go up.

Step 2. Now visualize a light, a ray of light alongside where you have tapped from the bottom to the top.

And stay with it. This is Step 2.

Now we’ll go to the Step 1, which is Tapping from the bottom to the Top.

Go slow. 3 times from the bottom to the top.

One more time.

Now visualize a ray of light, in the middle where you tapped from the bottom to the top.

And feel the whole brain will be filled with light.

The conflicts will disappear.

The concentration will get established.

You can do it many times in a day whenever you need to calm your mind.

God Bless

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