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Doubt is our Worst Enemy

Doubt is our worst enemy, and everybody is vulnerable to doubt because our brain is vulnerable, our mind is vulnerable to doubt.

I’ll give you an example. You want to make a million dollars, the mind wants to make a million dollars, by the end of the month and then the doubt comes, and then says: “It’s impossible; it’s not going to happen, that’s not reasonable; that’s not reasonable.”

Who cares for reason? So we have to go against reason. Remember how Einstein, remember what he talked about reason. He said that all of the discoveries he made were not through reasoning. He used the word reasoning, it is through intuition.

Suppressing Our Reasoning

So part of the training we are having is through developing our intuition, and suppressing our reasoning. So now the thought comes through the mind that I have to make this million dollars by the end of the month, and then it’s been sabotaged by the Frontal Lobe. And also surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, by the Pituitary also, the Pituitary is not just a gland without any cognitive function. It has higher cognitive function. The scientists will know about it in due course.

We are Evolving this Project Together

So now let’s go to the practice. As I told you yesterday, we are evolving this project together, and by the end we will have everything together, and by that time I will have an app produced probably by that time.

Level One, we are on Level One. And we were working with the pinkie, and the pinkie is a very important finger in terms of creating friendliness. So when we tap in between the two eyebrows, this spot, we have to remember: the finger, the pinkie, and the Pituitary Gland that we are touching, in between the two eye brows, and the Root Chakra, and also the Brain.

Midbrain Tapping Technology

Now we will start the technique.

Close your eyes

Take the pinkie, and touch.

As soon as you touch, you will have vibrations going all over the body.

Now focus on the pinkie, friendliness, love

Tap, one time.

Focus on the pinkie, focus on the Brow Chakra in between the two eyebrows, where we are touching now, and also focus on the Root Chakra, the bottom of the spine.

Now at the end, we will focus on the brain exploding with light.

And then we are going to go tap; Feel the pinkie; Feel the Brow Chakra;

Feel the Root Chakra; Feel the brain exploding with light

Now we are going to do it, and you have to remember all of the points yourself as we Tap.

Tap. Remember all of the points by yourself.

Tap. Tap. Feel.

Tap, and feel.

I’m going to go slow, and go through all of the points.

Tap. Tap. Keep feeling it. I know that you have already gone very deep.

Keep your eyes closed.

Yogic Brain Training Webcast

I have an announcement. Tomorrow I won’t be doing this small session, instead at the same time, I will do a one hour session, and that’s my gift from The Divine, or God’s Gift for you to experience meditation for a longer period of time.

God Bless

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