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Karma is your Thought Process

600 years ago before Jesus Christ, the Buddha came and said that he didn’t believe in a God. He went even a step farther and said nor he believed in a soul. So there is no soul, there is no God. The interesting thing that he said he believed in karma. Why am I talking about karma here? Karma, even by Buddha’s definition of it, is your thought process.

Get Beyond the Karmic Brain

I would put it in a different way living in the 21st Century, that karma is deposited in your brain and that gives you orientation to a good life, a mediocre life, or a very, very poor life. So all of these are embedded within the brain, – in your orientations to relationships, towards money, towards health, that’s why the Midbrain Tapping would help you to get beyond the karmic brain. According to me the karmic brain is the Neocortex. It is subjected to cause and effect, rationality, science, reasoning, etc. But if you want to go to the pristine brain, and that is the Midbrain. Everybody regardless of what your karma is.

Operating from the Midbrain Allows You to Do Good Things

You’ll be able to do a lot of good things for yourself and for your family and the world if you operate from the MidBrain, and the MidBrain Tapping, the technique that we have been experimenting. And I still have an experimental group here with me so that I could create a great technique for you. You know, the one thing I have learned in the United States is that quality control is based on repeated testing, which I have been doing.

No Hard and Fast Rules to the Technique

So to go back to the technique, now you do the technique not like a ritual. You know, then you will lose the benefits. You just go and then hit this area in between the two eyebrows, no hard and fast rules. The important thing is you have to just even hitting once, you should feel the Energy. And then you just hit again, and feel the Energy. Hit again, you should feel the Energy. And if you don’t feel the Energy, then the technique is not working. So just hit and feel. Then this is the area of the Midbrain. Again the same principle, just hit and then feel; hit and then feel; hit and then Feel. Don’t run, then you cannot Feel. Hit and then Feel.

Now let’s do it.

MidBrain Tapping Technique

Hit. Feel. Feel the vibration within the Brow Chakra.

Hit. Feel.

Hit. Feel.

Go up. Hit. Feel.

Hit. Feel.

Hit. Feel.

Then you feel the Energy all over the brain.

This is the most important result that I expect from the technique.

God Bless.

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