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Poverty & Prosperity

I’m going to talk about prosperity and poverty, and I am going to read from one of my sayings. “Poverty and prosperity are different parts of the brain becoming dominant.”

Let me repeat: “Poverty and prosperity are different parts of the brain becoming dominant.”

“It’s a matter of brain dominance.”

Now, I was very happy to come up with this definition. It took long, long hours of retrospection and also meditation and I came up with this beautiful saying: “It’s a matter of brain dominance.”

Poverty as Scarcity

When people are in poverty, I’m not talking about poverty in a bad sense, but poverty as scarcity. Because most people are vulnerable to scarcity, even people with money.  So scarcity is so powerful, and I use poverty in the sense of scarcity.

Poverty is Associated with the Neocortex of the Brain

So that is associated with scarcity, or poverty is associated with the neocortex, the chunk of the brain which sits on the top of the old brain, the primitive brain on the brain stem which is responsible for introspection, rationality, asking: ‘How, Why, Where, What’, all of these things. That’s good for science, but that’s not good for miracles.

The Midbrain and Miracles

What are you going to do for miracles? You don’t want that part to be dominant. You want a different part to be prominent, and what is that part you want to be prominent? Is the Midbrain, and my Midbrain Miracle Method is a program I developed based on that.

I am very happy to know… somebody told me that lots of people in India are watching this series. I am very happy because this is something that I owe to India. When I come to India I will particularly want to meet with the younger generation.

The Nama (Line) to Activate the Midbrain

See, the Yogis and Rishis knew this very well. They want to activate the Midbrain area, particularly those who worship Vishnu, the god of wealth, prosperity, and luxury, and they have a line that they draw here. It’s called the Nama. And what is the purpose of the line? The purpose of the line is to activate the Midbrain, so that you are aware of the Midbrain.

So the techniques that I teach, you know, are similar to this ritualistic practice that they have to draw a red line, sometimes a black line. The people who belong to the Madhva Tradition they do the black line, and they make it in a way that is very significant. I’m not going to go into all of that.

The Midbrain Watch Tapping Technique

So this area, the whole of the frontal lobe, and the Midbrain that you can access through focusing attention on the parts that we are tapping here, are very, very important, are very, very important. So how are you going to get beyond scarcity, beyond poverty, is by activating this part of the brain, so I’m glad that we will do that. And again I want to reiterate that a lot of people in India need to be benefitted.

Let’s do the technique.

I am going to tap on the Brow Chakra. Brow Chakra is in between the two eyebrows.

1, Feel it, allow the energy to go inside, into the brain, into the Pituitary Gland.

2, Feel it. 3, Feel it.

1, Feel it. 2, Feel it. 3, Feel it.

Again last round: 1, Feel it going deep inside the Brow Chakra, the Pituitary Gland.

2, Feel it. 3, Feel it going deep inside.

Keep feeling it.

You have to remember this spot in between the two eyebrows all of the time.

That’s all you need to do to change your brain.

Change your brain from scarcity to abundance, from poverty to prosperity.

God Bless.

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