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aquarius2The Sun entered Aquarius on February 12th, 2016 and will travel there for the next month.

Known as Kumbha in Sanskrit, Aquarius is the most humanitarian of the signs. A humanitarian is someone who works to make other peoples’ lives better. The Sun is your soul and the activity you do in the world. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, a planet of patience and endurance, limitations, compassion and service. Saturn can bring in limitations and blockages. But he can also teach you to have compassion and he can gift us with true happiness.

Kumbha is symbolized by a person bearing an empty water pot. Water symbolizes prana, or the cosmic life force. The fact that the pot is empty means that the person has shared with others. The pot can symbolize the individual consciousness; in Aquarius, the individual energy can merge with the universal energy.

Aquarius relates to ending the old way of doing things and birthing a new way of life. An important goal here is to turn away from selfishness and dedicate our efforts for the common good. Aquarius can give you the ability to be noble, selfless, generous, and willing to help others.

Innovative thinking, science, and technology thrive here. Science is associated with Aquarius as Saturn is a planet of democracy. Science is often quite democratic, or “of the people” because it works for everyone. Electricity or an electronic device will work for anyone who has access to it.

Aquarius can give you the impulse to work hard to help downtrodden and suffering people to come up in life. Saturn is associated with laborers and servants. Saturn can give you the perseverance to help make things better. Just be careful not to go into focusing on all the negative in the world as this can bring in depression, which would greatly reduce your usefulness to others.

In Aquarius we can learn that humility is not a sentence to a life of servitude; rather it can be empowering and lead you to higher consciousness.

Aquarius, as the natural 11th house of the zodiac, also brings in energies of profit and gains, fulfillment of desires, manifestations, realizations of hopes and dreams, and friendships.

This year, Ketu is transiting through Aquarius too. Ketu is the saintly planet of detachment, spiritual liberation, and the absence of boundaries. Ketu should be very comfortable and able to express his gifts while in Aquarius. Ketu also can relate to refined technologies, reorganization, surprises, and change.

Rahu and Ketu don’t rule any days like the other planets do. Dr. Pillai has said that we can honor Rahu on Mondays and Ketu on Sundays. It’s interesting that Dr. Pillai has said that Sunday is the day of the week to honor Ketu as Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Having Sun and Ketu in the same sign for this month will bring in possibilities to help reorganize your life in a better way.

Ketu’s mantra is Om Ketave Namaha. Ganesha rules Ketu, and you can honor him by chanting Om Ganapatayei Namaha or simply Gum or Gung.

Profitable Activities for this Month.

• Look around your world and see where you can do something that will help people. Champion a cause that will help needy people.

• Focus on what is right with things rather than what is wrong. Avoid fanaticism and being too idealistic.

• Embrace innovative thinking, science, new inventions, and technologies.

• Take action for opportunities, profits, and gains. Network and make contact with friends, influential people and organizations.

• Ask yourself, “Am I spending my time in the most profitable way?”

5 Planets Visible Now

From now until February 20th, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be lined up and visible in the pre-dawn sky. If you are looking at them/thinking about them, then they will be looking at you! You can make a closer connection to these planets by looking at them, thinking of them, and by chanting their mantras. Learn more.

Mars enters Scorpio February 20th

Mars will become very powerful as he enters his own sign Scorpio. Saturn is also transiting Scorpio, which is the natural 8th house of transformation. You can access Mars energy to improve your physical strength and to have the courage and motivation to achieve success in life. Mars mantra is Om Mangalaya Namaha. You can invoke Muruga, Mars’ overlord with the mantra Om SaRaVaNaBaVa. Learn more.

Masi Magha February 22nd

This is a day when you can build royal consciousness and confidence. The full moon in the Magha birthstar happens once a year around this time. This year it is special because Jupiter and Rahu are also in Leo with the Moon – Jupiter is in Leo only once every 12 years. So it will be a powerful day to participate in Astroved’s rituals. Learn more.

Coming Up in about 3 Weeks – Maha Sivaratri

This is the night of Siva that takes place on the eve of the new moon every year when Sun is in Aquarius. On this night if you keep a vigil, Siva can remove a huge amount of karma from you, giving you a clean slate for the next year. Sucharita will be talking more about it as we get closer.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation and Q&A Discussion.


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